10 Things That Couldn't Be Purchased With Money

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Money , everybody need money. People Adults, Teens and even children - even small children know the object name of money. Indeed, money is important in life, without a medium of exchange is not mukin we could make ends meet. Money makes some people can do more things than people who do not have it. But no matter how important the money, there are still things that can not be bought with money.
  1. When Money will not be able to return the time that has passed. After a day of change, the 24h time will be lost and will not be back again maybe. Therefore, use every opportunity to have an attention and your affection to someone that you really love and you love, before time passes and you regret it.
  2. Happiness
    It sounds strange, but it is the truth. Money can make you feel happy because you can pay for luxury holidays, giving the laptop a very modern facility, or modification of a racing car. But money can not bring a ray of happiness from the bottom of our hearts.
  3. Happiness Kids
    To buy food and clothes - good for a beloved child is in need of money. But you can not use the money to provide security, responsibility, good manners and intelligence in your child. This is the fruit of the time and attention you devote to them and things - good things that you are taught. Money does help us fulfill aspects of parenting, but time has proven that the basic needs of each child is given how much time parents, not the person.
  4. LoveLove can not be bought with money, admit this is true. Indeed, with the money we can get people interested, but love comes from mutual respect, caring, sharing experiences and opportunities to grow together. That's why many couples who marry for money, did not last long.
  5. Acceptance
    To be accepted by the neighborhood association, you do not need money. If you want to be accepted, focus your energy to make yourself valuable to the neighborhood with a friend in joy and sorrow.
  6. Health
    We need money to finance the cost of care and medicine, but money can not replace the lost health. That's why the saying goes better to prevent than cure should we pursue. Start exercising, stop smoking, and many other things that would have you know.
  7. Success
    Some people do exist who achieved success with a bribe, but this is an exception. Success only comes from hard work, willpower, and a little luck.There is a small aspect of the business to success that can be obtained with money, such as training or buying equipment, but the success comes from the more effort you put into yourself.
  8. Talent
    We are born with certain talents. With the money, we could do is to hone talents, such as learning music. But experts say, to become experts in their fields, we need talent.
  9. Good manners
    Many wealthy man but he was rude and sarcastic remarks. Not a few simple man who said he was polite and show respect to others. Thus, the amount of money owned is not the deciding one's attitude or manner.
  10. Peace
    If money could buy peace, perhaps we no longer hear about the war.Precisely the opposite is often the case, the money must have been the source of conflict and hostility.