10 Most Amazing Treasure Locations in World

10. Yamashita Treasure, Philipines
Yamashita treasure, is the property looted by Japanese forces during World War II, this location is in a Bay in Philipina, Many believe there will be this place of his property, but since the fields have changed, the more difficult this property sought

9. VOC Treasure, Indonesia
VOC mysterious treasure Onrust Island was invited so many people curious. because supposedly he said, the amount of property could pay off all the debt of Indonesia.
Onrust Island is located in the bay of Jakarta. 3 hours from Muara Karang using motor boats, this place was fashioned Dutch first after one busy place, where the entry of the ship after colonizing the other two cities in Indonesia. Mythical treasure on the island Onrust the VOCs from historical peculiarities, how an institution as large and as strong VOC trading sharply suddenly bankrupt. 

8. Treasure of Lima, Peru
In the year 1820, in Lima (capital of Peru) is the revolutionary war occur. As a precaution, the government of Lima decided for tsb transfer of wealth to Mexico, so peaceful. Tsb property covers batu2 precious gems, 2 place and two wax statues of Jesus Maria was holding size of a human. Overall, property worth U $ 60 million tsb divided over 11 ships and dikomandani by Captain William Thompson, yg menahkodai ship Mary Dear. But unfortunately the government of Lima darkness that William Thompson is a former robber its true. The same property is already boarded the ship, he immediately kills self Peruvian orang2 tsb protected property and threw his body into the sea.
Thompson ran tsb property to Cocos Islands, in the Indian Ocean, and to bury it. Then his accomplice scatter and hide until the situation felt peaceful means to take back property yg Mk grave. But the ship Mary Dear finally caught. All the conspirators were suspended on charges of robbery, except William Thompson and his trusted men. The two men agreed to show location tsb concealment tsb property. Mark brings orang2 tsb to Cocos Islands, but in the middle of the road Mk fled to the forest. Until sekrg tsb inconspicuous treasure ever diketemukan again.
since then has more than 300 expeditions organized search, but failed. Lately orang2 suspect that property is actually ill-concealed tsb Cocos Islands, but in an unknown island in Central America. 

7. The Ark of The Convenant (Ark of the Covenant), Jerusalem
Ark of the covenant in the Bible is a container made ​​of gold that reads "10th Commandment" besides the rod of Moses supposedly he was also in the box.
photograph is only a replica.

6. Pharaohs' Missing Treasure, Egypt
1922 yr when Howard Carter found Tutankhamen meal Valley of the Kings (Valley of the Kings), Egypt, he was fascinated by the grandeur of the tomb artefak2 yg There was a young king tsb.
Around eat tsb there are numerous gems and artefak2 batu2. Buat yg msh pada abundance, sampai2 Carter takes 10 years for making a catalog.
Yet, when Pharaoh makam2 other excavations in the late 19th century discovered the fact that in high tsb makam2 empty.
Almost everyone knows that the robbers sdh tomb (to mention self orang2 theft of property in the tomb) has been in action for centuries ago. But when Mark reached steal the treasure exhausted Fir-ounce establishment, it was very overwhelming. Further questions: where the Pharaoh's treasure hidden tsb? Some experts believe that tsb property actually taken by the ministers deliberate self dynasties do entombment on Egyptian Rulers yg to 20 and to 21 (yr 425-343 BC) in the Valley of the Kings.
Pharaoh-Pharaoh at that time were supposed to does not prohibit the taking of property for sky ancestral shrine used Mark for Mark's funeral back in time.
One of the aforenamed Bigwigs time Herihor be an example. Herihor is a high court officer in the days of Ramses XI. At the time of Ramses died, Herihor tsb government seize power then split into two with the law, Piankh. Herihor then put his obsequies Set as custodians of the Valley of the Kings, SHG have much chance for him rob the tomb of former kings.Herihor own tomb until sekrg not be found. However, experts believe that when the mysterious disappearance of a property in the tomb of the Pharaoh will it opened in line with daylight-berjalan.source
Illustration ..

5. Montezuma's Treasure, Mexico
Massacre on the Aztecs Mexico tribe vicarious by Spanish orang2 concern in tgl 1 July 1520. Setlh kill the Emperor Montezuma, Hernando Corts and his team besieged by Aztec knight cat, in the capital Tenochtitln. After a fierce battle for a few days, Corts ordered his team for collecting the most valuable self Montezuma property and brought blurred. But not so far Mk escape, the team successfully chased Aztec and Spanish teams finish up at the lake Tezcuco. Waste yg team left immediately remove the spoils directly Mk then blurred.A year later Corts came again with his team for taking back property confiscated yg first failed Mk. But residents Tenochtitln tsb hid treasure, SHG pile of gold, jewels and precious stones various tsb. diketemukan never again until now. Sekrg reach the treasure seekers still busy looking for relics of the Aztec tribe tsb around town sekrg Tenochtitln self has been renamed Mexico City.

4. King Solomon's Treasure, Jerusalem
Artifact artifact sacred looted by the Romans from the Temple of Jerusalem and suspected hidden kubah2 at the Vatican, Artifact is considered to be a treasure trove of the greatest Bible like silver trumpets that would mark the coming of the Messiah, trumpets, candle gold etc..
Having a decade, archaeologist Dr Kensley has merekontruksikan treasure route for the first time, adding that the property had been leaving the Romans in the 5th century to Kartago, Constantinople and Algeria before finally purposes in the wilderness of Judea source

3. Blackbeard's Treasure, caribbean island Robbers renown, Black Beard the alias Blackbeard, in fact only two years melanglang buana (1716-1718). But during that time he has accumulated a lot of supposedly once booty. When Spanish SDG busy looking for gold and silver in Mexico and South America, Blackbeard and his accomplice waited patiently and then robbed ships carrying gold and silver etc. in seconds Mk return to Spain.

Blackbeard well-reputed smart ruthless robbers take advantage. Regional operations is in the vicinity of the West Indies and the coast of Atlantis in North America, with its main headquarters in the Bahamas and North Carolina. Lifetime expired in November 1718, when British Lieutenant Robert Maynard successfully caught and hanged. But jarahannya property was not found to sekrg.
was supposed to, drowning ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, they are found near the pd thn 1996 Beaufort, North Carolina. But the ship tsb diketemukan inconspicuous treasure. Many people believe that Black Beard the treasure is hidden in the Caribbean Islands, Chesapeake Bay, and in the caves of yg There was a in the Cayman Islands.

2. The Lost City - Atlantis (Coordinates: 31 15'15 .53 N 24 15'30 .53 W.) POSITION connection Ocean Goggles from Google Earth has found that normal human beings can not find that is the Lost City, Atlantis. The town is about 620 miles off the coast of northwest Africa, Joram the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.
According to the Greek philosopher, a highly developed city of Atlantis was an island about 9,000 years ago. Its territory covers an area of Asia until Libya, with luxurious palaces, abundant gold and silver, and is a land and its climate the best in the World. But then, Plato wrote, Atlantis was defeated in war by other tribes. And the city had been destroyed.

1. The Amber Room, Russian Described as the eighth wonder of the world by self orang2 never seen. Amber Room mrpk most unique treasures throughout history.

Representing a space measuring 11 square feet, consisting of large wall panel2 several tons of stone encrusted Amber rara avis, a large cermin2 antecedent foliage sisi2nya There was a well-made of gold, as well as four Mozaic beautiful Florentine weirdo. Structured in three floors, inlaid tsb space permata2 ditch priceless. In which he kept a large collection of art objects made ​​in Prussia and Russia after one precious.
Created by King Friedrich I of Prussia granted for KPD. Russian Czar Peter the Great in 1716 pd. Amber hall located in Katherine Castle, near St. Petersburg. Current value of this column probably more than U.S. $ 142 million (more than USD 1.5 trillion).
When Hitler with his Nazi invaded Russia, guardian column Amber worries. Mark tried for transfer, but dinding2nya from mangled SHG dinding2 tsb transfer impossible. Mark finally cover it with wallpaper.
efforts failed for hiding tsb Amber Room. When the Nazis devastated Leningrad (now called St.. Petersburg) in October 1941, the Mk grab it and move it to K√∂nigsberg Castle during wartime.
During K√∂nigsberg surrendered in April 1945, the Amber Room disappeared, and until sekrg diketemukan never return. What was destroyed by Soviet bombs themselves? What is hidden in one of the overground bunker outside the city? Neither knows tsb sure about the fate of space.
currently have created a replica of the Amber Room, is made ​​by very careful, in Catherine Palace.
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10 world's most expensive gifts

Love has made ​​the world continues to turn; love also makes you give the most extravagant gift to someone you love, this could be your spouse, your friends, your children or the elderly. People tend to spend more to buy gifts for their loved ones. History is witness to this fact. Here is a list of the most expensive gift in the world, from the  most expensive  up to the most expensive.

10. Victoria Beckham bag 
David Beckham has given gifts  Victoria Beckham  bag bertahtakan a rare diamond that only three made ​​in a year. Himalayan Silver, a reference to this handbag, it is a Christmas gift from David Beckham for wife tercinta.Tas made ​​of fine white crocodile skin and has 3 carat diamond on the lock. Victoria Beckham have made ​​some designer handbag gift talented husband, a total value of more than USD $ 3 million.
Price: 1 bag Beckham around USD $ 129,000, / Rp. 1.16 Billion

9. Ring from fiance Beth Ostrosky Howard Stern 

Sirius radio Howard Stern Stern plan Hobby 05.02 carat emerald engagement ring from which he gave to his girlfriend Beth Ostrosky on Valentine's Day 2007. The couple married on October 3, 2008. Rings Ostrosky  recently being ranked the second in the list of biggest celebrity engagement rings, with the position taken by the number one sparkling six-carat ring Rebecca Romijn gifted by actor Jerry O'Connell.
Price: This ring is worth more than $ 250,000.

8. Gift from King Abdullah to Obama 
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah  making a show of cooperation and elegansi with award worth USD 300,000 for U.S. President Barack Obama, in the form prhiasan rare books and other items, for the first year kepresidenan.Ini princely gift beyond the normal bounds of decency. It is considered as the most expensive gift given by one authority to the other Authority in the present times.
Among this generous gift is a set of luxury jewels worth U.S. $ 190,000, which includes stone Ruby and diamond jewelery, worth USD 132,000 apart.
other gifts from the King Abdullah is a marble ornament adorned with miniature palm trees and camels from gold, diamond earrings for the daughter of the President worth $ 7000 each, and Jaeger-LeCoultre brass clock.
Price: The total value of all gifts from King Abdullah to President Obama, Obama's wife and two daughters is more than $ 300,000 dollars.

7. Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty that stands as a beacon welcoming by the New York commemorates the friendship between France and Amerika.Dirancang by leading designer Bartholdi, the Statue of Liberty as high as 151 meters, and standing for freedom, justice and kebebasan.Patung the gift to the United States from the people Perancis.Angka This is Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom race bearing a torch and a stone tablet depicting the American Declaration of Independence written. A broken chain lies at her feet, indicating fragmentation chain bondage and subjugation.
Price: U.S. $ 530,300 development fee. Base cost around $ 280,000, most of which was contributed by the American public.

6. Taylor-Burton gem
Elizabeth Taylor is given a lot of expensive gifts by a former husband Richard Burton.Namun, in 1972, Burton received a gift bag of the 40th anniversary of the gift beyond all others. Diamond pear-shaped 69.42 carat rough stone that comes from that found in South Africa. Appreciate Cartier diamond jewelry is of USD $ 1,050,000. Diamond "Taylor-Burton" was displayed by Cartier in New York and Chicago even after it is sold to Burton.Elizabeth Taylor auction diamond that costs USD 5 million in 1978. The value of diamonds is now unknown.
Price: Diamond Burton Taylor more than USD 5 million $.

5. Ring Beyonce Knowles

Singer Beyonce Knowles received a stunning diamond 18-carat flawless placed in platinum, currently worth more than $ 5 juta.Dirancang by Lorraine Schwartz, the ring is one of the types that have been insured for the same amount sama.Perancang created plans for Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez. But Beyonce, also has a take-off at the price of $ 5,000 ring that he wore in public, for safety.
Price:  Rapper Jay-Z  to pay 5 million dollars USD for-18 carat diamond for his wife Beyonce 

4. Statue of Roman Abramovich
One of the richest people in the world,  Roman Abramovich  to pay about $ 14 million on a statue in bronze for this pacarnya.patung made ​​by Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti and called "Femme de Venise". In addition, the  billionaire  also has spent $ 60 million a month to buy  artworks  expensive for other pacarnya.hadiah The expensive but not least including villas in Colorado and two paintings by  Lucian Freud  and Francis Bacon  for $ 120 million.
Price: The cost statues around $ 14 million.

3. Orlov diamond 
Russian empress Catherine the Queen gave lavish gifts on  Count Grigory Orlov , a commander militer.Dia presented 800 boys, develop a magnificent palace for him, and he states Gatchina near St. Petersburg are also presented therein. In return, Count provides a substantially unique diamond dove egg half, in 1798. Named Orlov diamond and put in a rod.Orlov considered priceless,. Orlov Diamond  weighs 198.62 carats and blue-green.
Orlov diamond price 400,000 Russian Ruble in 1798, but somehow at this time

2. Kohinoor Gem
Originally found in Andhra Pradesh in India a few centuries ago, Kohinoor is considered as the largest diamond ever ditemukan.Seiring time, this diamond literally owned the reigning king of India, before finally falling to the beat Inggris.Inggris Dhulip Maharajah Singh from Punjab, a descendant of the king Ranjit Singh and claiming great Kohinoor in war. However, later arranged that the diamond should be given to the Superintendent of British monarchy, Queen Elizabeth , by the Maharajah Dhulip Singh himself. That actually is the result of conquest, but of history writing as a gift.
Today, the once 186 1/16 carat diamond is less than half its original size. At one point, the Kohinoor diamond appreciate the equivalent to half the cost of keeping the world in a day.
Price:  Due to the monetary value of the Kohinoor diamond was never documented until today, we have no clear indication to determine the price. Diamonds are considered priceless.
However, Reincarnation Kohinoor diamond is the most important part of the crown jewels of British government authorities, the total current value is between 10 billion pounds up to 12.7 Billion
Because Kohinoor is the main focal point of this collection, the value of the diamond itself must be in the billions of pounds.

1. Taj Mahal
Beautiful Taj Mahal  has been said for centuries as the embodiment of eternal true love.
Amazing structure built entirely of white marble and is a fantastic view when seen under the light bulan.Dibangun by Emperor Shah Jahan to celebrate his love for beloved wife Mumtaz  , the Taj Mahal is mute evidence proving a person to slavery and cintanya.Mumtaz Mahal, a Persian princess is one of true love  Emperor Shah Jahan . He died when he was 39 years of age when giving birth to-14. Then crush the hearts of his death the emperor, who develop this monument, a mausoleum more beautiful than ever before, to honor his final wish.
Construction began in 1632 and took 22 years, 20,000 workers and craftsmen to complete this mammoth tomb.
Price: The total cost to build this great monument is estimated around 32 million rupee India at that time (1653)
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10 States With the Most Crazy Steal Technique in the World

1. Spain, Barcelona
Barcelona is the first order of tourists in Spain! Besides a number of sights also have a lot of pickpockets for each attraction. If pickpocketing competed Olympics, Barcelona would have won gold?
If you ignore pickpocketing, Barcelona is a relatively safe place. The Spanish are not very fond of liquor, they prefer to smoke marijuana - and it makes people sleepy and friendly. 
When walking down the street of the famous La Rambla, you should wear a backpack in front. Pickpockets work teams - one person distracting you and another to open the bag or dug through your pocket. They did not hesitate to use scissors or a razor blade in order to take your goods.
Techniques used:
A friendly locals realize that your clothes are dirty and offered to give you a towel so you can clean yourself. That actually happened was a friend of the person who is offering the towel in a spill something on you to get your attention. After receiving a towel and started cleaning up, your mind busy and makes it easier to check a bag or your pocket.
2. Italy, Rome
Pickpocket is a growing problem in Italy. Besides Florence (number 6), Rome was the most crowded by tourists. But it's not just that - Roma also a haven for pickpockets.Pencopetnya not locals - they were poor immigrants who are looking for a way to survive.
problem pickpocketing, especially in public transport. Buses in the city number 64 is also known as "the wallet express" - the best way to dispose of your money.
Techniques used:
A young gypsy girl or a woman approaches you and then pretend to stumble and accidentally dropped her baby - hardly seen him throw a baby into your hands. You'll catch it to prevent it from falling and then hold the goods you will fall out of your hands. His friend quickly took anything that falls from your hands, and immediately ran away. Once you realize that if you help the baby was a doll.
3. Czech Republic, Prague
Czech Republic - the cheap beer and party all night!!! The capital of Prague known popularity among British men who want to enjoy the weekend but also not the point if you are drunk and separated from your teman2.
Techniques used:
The young woman looked at you in the street, when you reply to see, you've stolen by a friend wantita it.
4. Spain, Madrid
Spain is another European tourist destination that is always filled with tourists. Besides Barcelona who occupy the highest position in our list, the capital city of Madrid overrun with pickpockets. If you're walking into a bullfight you better be careful - what seems like most people can be a crowd full of people hungry for your wallet!
Techniques used:
Someone with a camera approaches you and asks for help photographing them. You'll put your bag for a moment to take a picture - at the same time one of the rear bag snatch and run.
5. France, Paris
France and Paris with the Eiffel Tower gracefully is one the world's best tourist places.People from all over the world come and try the famous French cuisine and meet the friendly locals. When turned out - kadang2 too friendly!
Techniques used:
handsome young man walking around trying to find a tourist woman to give them a red rose as a gift. It will make her happy and did not suspect, and he'll be an easy target for pickpockets who allied with the handsome young man who handed flowers. If the thief does not find it worthwhile they may ask for money in exchange for interest.
6. Italy, Florence
The country is facing major trouble with pickpockets. When orang2 lost their jobs during the economic crisis more and more people are making pecopetan as their livelihood.
Techniques used:
When you're looking around at local stores, you will focus all your attention towards items in the store. A pickpocket saw it and gently open your purse or wallet to check the contents.
7. Argentina, Buones Aires
Buenos Aires is one of the popular tourist destinations in Latin America, but also a surge for pickpockets. Hati2 with anak2 hordes who follow tourists and also with classic style, Hit and Run!!!
Techniques used:
A bunch of kids approached you with an existing paper or card writing. The leader will make you read under the chin and focus while reading, others pilfer barang2 anak2 you.
8. The Netherlands, Amsterdam
Night life in Amsterdam, marijuana is legal and prostitution with countless women are all terrific but just along while you still have the money to pay for all of it! Pickpockets take advantage in Amsterdam's red-light district "No Camera policy". Nobody should take pictures in this area - this means no surveillance cameras that could help you fight crime.
Techniques used:
Someone pushes you from behind or from the side and looks like he just wanted to pass you on a crowded street. Actually there are others in the opposite direction and stuff your purse snatching.
9. Greece, Athens
Greece and the capital city of Athens is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. In addition to a growing tourist sector, also increasing. If you're visiting the Parthenon or the Acropolis - make sure you never neglect your bag when you're admiring ancient monuments. Someone who looks like a tourist can be a pickpocket who preyed on your bag.
Techniques used:
A Gypsy children swarming you and without hesitation began to rob your stuff. Courage will make you surprised, at the same time kid stuff you pass each other and ran in different directions. Wallet, cell phone and your camera is likely to split into different directions. Sometimes kids will deliver your belongings to the old woman and hide under their skirts. The police will not look under her skirt!
10. Vietnam, Hanoi
For most Vietnamese people are known by the Vietnam War that happened 40 years ago but now also become a popular tourist attraction. As one of the poorest countries in the world with the Vietnam capital Hanoi, is home pickpockets are increasing. Most of the tourist attractions in Hanoi is located in the open and crowded therefore very easy prey for pickpockets.
Techniques used:
How to force. A thief can use to steal a motorbike your handbag. Ensure that your hand luggage is not too easy to be seized. We recommend that you carry your bag on the side of fewer people and vehicles.
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World's Most Weird Scholarships

Apart from the ususal list of useful grants and scholarships, there are scholarships strange and unusual that students can get. The best part about these scholarships is that you do not really need to be academically outstanding. You just need to have some distinctive features or hobby. Some of the most bizarre types of scholarships are as follows.

1. Scholarships The Left

Because so many left-handed students, these scholarships are offered by Juanita College in Pennsylvania, is one of the most common scholarship and demand.

2. Scholarships National Ice Cream Shop

If you are working in some ice-cream shop, you may be eligible for this scholarship. If you are lucky enough, your employer will probably recommend you, and you may take one of 17 $ 1,000 scholarships.

3. Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship

Another unusual scholarships. These scholarships can bergna for people who have the talent skateboard

4. Scholarship Name The Strange One

scholarship is usually presented by Loyola University in Chicago is awarded to students with the last names of the most unusual, the best so far is the name "Zolp"

5. Asthma Scholarship

sounds very strange that even allergies you can win a huge amount of scholarship.American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology is primarily responsible for sponsoring this unique scholarship.

6. Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest Duck Brand Duct Tape

This is an unusual contest held every year in the spring, where students create and wear formal attire to compete for scholarship prizes $ 2,500. The second and third prize is to get a scholarship of $ 1,000 and $ 500 respectively.

7. Championship Poker Tournament Online

If you are a champion in the game of poker, this is your golden opportunity to win a large sum as a reward scholarship.

8. The Vegetarian Scholarship

scholarship is sponsored by the Vegetarian Resource Group is only for those with the habit of eating vegetables.

9. Top Clubs International Scholarship Students

tall people now have the opportunity to take some nice scholarships. This scholarship basically just high considering that a student 5'10 "for female students and 6'2" for male students.

10. Accuracy Forecasting the Future Scholarship

This scholarship is a bit different from what its name award, this contest actually is for students interested in economics. Participants are required to "buy and sell" future predictions just as one would buy shares.
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10 Most Unique Animal Migration in the World

A number of animals doing awesome and often mysterious migration in search of food sources, spouses, and the best place to raise a family. Of all of them, there are animals that expedition is only a few inches from his house and there is also a distance of thousands of kilometers. Here is a list of ten animal migration 2009 version by LiveScience.

1. Cicadas

After spending 17 years in the soil, insects loud, cicadas will migrate towards the outside world to come together, sang, and mating. Their performance in sync, effectively distancing cicadas from predators during the five weeks of his adult life. Migration distance cicadas diverse, ranging from a few inches to thousands of kilometers.

2. Lemming

Rodents like hamsters and mice will migrate at high speed from his native habitat, the North Pole. Some scientists say the cause of this massive migration occurs because the lemming population exploded without being accompanied by an ample food supply.Lemmings can move as far as 16 kilometers in one day.

3. Wildebeests

Animals herbivores will do anything to find greener pastures. Serengeti wildebeest and zebra and his reindeer are able roam hundreds of miles in a group to avoid the dry season in Tanzania and Kenya.

4. Green turtles

maternal instincts of a green turtle forced him back to the place of birth to start a life with his family. Green turtles who are pregnant can swim thousands of kilometers from breeding grounds in Brazil to the South Atlantic Ocean to the island of Ascension.

5. Salmon

Having spent many years at sea, the salmon will return to his birthplace in the freshwater rivers to breed and die. To achieve this end, they are willing to swim against strong currents hundreds of miles, even if it means arriving in a deplorable state.

6. Necked Hummingbird Rubi

Before flying as far as 804 kilometers to the United Center, will ruby-necked bird hummingbird perched on flowers, insects, and tree sap sucking. Birds that have a flutter superfast will consume two grams of fat, nearly twice his body weight to travel nonstop from North America across the Gulf of Mexico.

7. Monarch butterfly

migration distance is the hallmark of the Monarch butterfly. Each spring, thousands of broad-winged butterflies flew west to California and Mexico. While in summer, monarch butterflies expedition as far as 4828 kilometers through the U.S. and Canada. Until now, the cohesiveness of the Monarch butterflies migrate remains a mystery to the scientists.

8. Whooping Stork

Bird leggy one is threatened with extinction. Scientists have done a variety of ways to save this species, including teaching flying lessons. Using ultralight engines like remote-controlled cranes, whooping cranes led south to the area of protection.

9. Freshwater eels

Eels are one is ready to face the rigors since the birth of life on the water. After hatching in the Sargasso Sea, this eel swim to some sweet-water rivers in England and on the east coast of North America. On the way, their kidneys will adapt to the level of water salinity.When it is time to lay eggs, kidneys freshwater eels will return to its original state.

10. Humpback whales Squad

Humpback Whale or humpback whales maintain a record of the animals that roam the furthest distance in the world. Several whales weighs 36,000 pounds to spend his time eating tons of food in the arctic peninsula. In winter, they will swim as far as 8046 kilometers to the breeding grounds in Colombia and in the region near the equator.
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Reasons Women Love Watching Porn Movie

According to a report from Forbes magazine, female employees in the United States accessing porn film nearly 1,800 times in the past two weeks. 

Illustrations women pornoKaum movies women also, it turns out, saving about 600 pornographic images on his personal computer (laptop).

What is the reason women porn store pictures and watch the movie "slob" is?

Some women think porn film as disgusting spectacle. But most women are also curious about porn favored by men, why Adam is so loved.

Learn new moves
women experiencing boredom sometimes having sex with her ​​partner, and the solution is sometimes to watch a porn movie. In this case a porn movie could be a reference to sex.

Watching men
women find it difficult to find men shirtless or naked except at the beach and place.Porn movies can be a solution for women to fantasize about sexy male figure.

Improving mood
Just like men, women also use film or pornographic images to evoke mood and sexual arousal before sex with their partner.

porn film could form the outlet when women want to play naughty the spouse.

Killing time
There are a number of women who use their spare time to watching porn.

Owned male partners
of women watching general reason could be because they want to see porn movie collection partner.
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