15 Spectacular Building Human Genius Results

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1. CERN's Large Hadron Collider:
The building was created by scientists who are curious about how the process of the this universe.building along the 17 mile is also called "doomsday machine", because one little in operated, can make the earth is destroyed because of its strength.

2. International Space Station (ISS) 
The international space station is a facility development is a joint project of the American (NASA), Russia (RKA), Japan (JAXA), canada (CSA) and eleven European countries and others.when completed in 2010, the building was the largest station mankind and the outside the earth.

3. Three Gorges Dam 
Is building the largest hydroelectric plant in the world created by his china.not only buildings, but also the power generated, 22.5 GW and it was enough to handle 4% electricity needs china.

4. Chandra Space Telescope 
Also called the Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility.chandra an x-ray telescope in orbit in space and in charge of sending photos of the spectacular cosmos.telescope orbiting the Earth and is orbiting objects farthest.

5. Palm Deira of Dubai 
Palm deira in dubai is the largest man-made island in the world, and it resembles a tree palm.the island has an area of ​​46.35 million meters and will be completed in 2013.

6. Viaduc de Millau Bridge
The bridge is higher than the Eiffel Tower, and is a testament to the genius of human.the bridge architecture is also called "the bridge that pierce the clouds" and cut river george river tarn, which is in the south of this building french.lenght 1.6 mi (2.6 km ) and has 1132 feet high (342 meters) at its highest.

7. Bird's Nest
Ato bird nest "stadium Bird's Nest" stadium that was built specifically for an Olympic event in china.beside magnitude, this building has a unique design like a bird cage, and is building the world's largest iron structure.

8. Burj-Al-Arab Hotel 
Who the hell knows guns burj dubai? if there are more who do not know, then welcome back to the earth.hotel has a height of 321 meters and is the tallest hotel tower in the world after the rose, and has a unique design built over the sea.

9. Akashi Kaikyo Suspension Bridge 
The Akashi Kaikyo Suspension Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in dunia.jembatan was built over 10 years to deploy 10 million workers, 181,000 tons of steel and 1.4 million cubic concrete.the bridge connects the main island of Awaji Island and Kobe as far as 4 miles.

10. Lake Mead 
Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States. Located on the Colorado River about 30 miles (48 km) southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada, in the states of Nevada and Arizona. Formed by the water provided by the Hoover Dam, the lake extends 112 miles (180 km) behind the dam, holds about 28.5 million acre feet (35 km ³) of water

11. Hangzhou Bay Bridge
This is the result of human genius and skill that continues to develop, hangzhou bay bridge is the longest bridge in the world when this.cost $ 840 million, 34 km long bridge is one proof of the progress of the china.

12. Channel Tunnel 
The channel tunnel, or more popularly called "euro tunnel" is an undersea rail tunnel linking world.tunnel longest English (kent) and French (Coquelles). Making a bridge over troubled water only much less make a tunnel in air.if you are in europe, do not forget to give it a try because you will never be forgotten.

13. Pan STARRS-1
Built in manoa institute of astronomy at the university honolulu hawai, is the world's largest digital camera.

Marenostrum is the largest supercomputer in Europe, and is located within the super computer church.super computer has a 2560 JS21 blade computing nodes, where everything has 2 dual-core 64-bit IBM PowerPC 970MP processors running at 2.3 GHz for 10 240 CPU.ironicly apart located in the church, this supercomputer is also used to study the human genome.

15. San Alfonso Del Mar 
After touring to see stunning in the world, it is time we for relaxing in San Alfonso Del Mar in chile.it's an exotic place, people also have the largest swimming pool in the world.swimming pool 1 km long and has 250,000 cubic meters of water.