25 Postive side for Not Sucking Cigarette

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If during this wellness risk and failures due to using tobacco tobacco does not work to make someone stop using tobacco tobacco, what if present all the advantages that can be acquired if it is not permitted? Here are 25 advantages if you do not using tobacco tobacco.

As estimated from the Health, scientists from the Peninsula Medical School, Britain refers to many advantages that would be acquired if non-smokers, such as 25 following advantages.

1. You can save, no need to spend more money to buy cigarettes and can buy other items of interest.

2. You'll breathe less smoke cigarettes the same bacteria by inhaling bacteria that can make sick.

3. You got smarter because avoid cigarette addiction chemicals that can damage the brain.

4. You will have the style of sex and sexual ability because better blood flow and circulation is better and cleaner.

5. You will sleep more soundly and better because nicotine is a substance that can interfere with the production of the sleep hormone.

6. You can have healthy bones and strong because of bone mineral density and decreases will not be stolen by smoking.

7. You will be protected from disease psoriasis because recent study mentions no connection between smokers with skin disease psoriasis.

8. You will feel more warm and not cold because blood circulation will run smoothly and warm the body.

9. You who have the AIDS disease will not experience decreased immunity process is faster.
You will be protected from all chronic diseases caused by smoking, particularly heart disease who had a 4-fold risk.

10. You can avoid died of a brain tumor because cigarette smoke into the lungs can spread quickly into the blood vessels in the brain.

11. You can have cleaner teeth and healthier because of the chemicals in cigarettes do not go back into the mouth and will not damage your teeth.

12. You will have less wrinkles because smoking can damage tissue and skin elasticity after 10 years.

13. You'll have a better sense of smell and consume food more delicious.

14. You can have hair that is stronger and will not quickly go bald.

15. You will get the job done more quickly and productively because rarely sick.

16. You'll avoid the stress due to family pressure and people who want to quit smoking.

17. You avoid the annoying cough and bronchitis.

18. You will save babies and children are not innocent of the smoke nuisance.

19. You will have more sperm and healthy because of the risk of sperm defects caused by cigarette chemicals will be reduced.

20. You will be more beloved spouse, be a good kisser and the possibility of reduced because dumped most women do not like the smell of cigarette smoke.

21. You will be an example and a good figure for friends who want to quit smoking.

22. You can breathe much longer because carbon monoxide from cigarettes will not get into the blood and restricting the amount of oxygen to breathe.

23. You may have a greater likelihood of becoming pregnant because avoid ovarian cancer or damage to the egg cells and female reproductive function.

24. You have a risk of having a child with disabilities is lower because the chemicals in cigarettes can cause heritable genetic mutations in children.

25. You will have a longer life because each smoked a single cigarette can reduce the chance of living 11 minutes