5 Haunted Place in America

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1. The Winchester Mystery House 

In 1881, Sarah Winchester, the widow of famous gun maker Oliver Winchester, suddenly believed that he should be protected from all the spirits of those killed by these weapons. A psychic tells him that it's good he continues to add rooms at his home in San Jose, California, so the ghosts who try to find him will be confusion.Sarah believes and he kept doing this for 40 years, adding more than 100 rooms and staircases, until he died in 1922. After she died, her ghost apparently still come and walk among the rooms in the house. The building is until now the attraction for tourists. 

2. The Amityville Horror 

13 November 1974, six members of the family in Amityville, New York, was killed by one of the children in the family, Ronald Jr.. ("Butch") DeFeo. In the trial, DeFeo claimed that he was motivated by demonic power that exist in that house to kill. New home owner with an address 112 Ocean Avenue was also claimed to have a variety of spooky phenomena, which ultimately written in novels and horror movies. But all the supernatural events were never proven and successful lawyer DeFeo admitted that all the stories that there is only a sham. 

3. Alcatraz 

Prison Reefs at once the most famous in the world who are in San Francisco Bay, managed to trap a lot of imagination of the public in a variety of films and books.Prison, a cold, dark and depressing it is many times a silent witness to the murder, rebellion, suicide and various other spooky things during the 29 years he served in prison. During that time, too, produced a variety of stories about Alcatraz sounds 
strange, closed cell itself, screams at the origin is not clear, and assorted sightings terrible. 

4. The cottage Fox Brothers 
phenomenon is not as well known elsewhere, but the cottage Fox Brothers is probably the most important haunted houses because since this phenomenon emerged, many of the standards set by the story haunted houses in this house, cottage and even launched a new confidence . In 1848, Hydesville, western New York, two sisters, Maggie and Katie Fox began communicating with the ghost of the murdered merchant. Both of these sisters, with a kind of question and answer session soul, ask a question, the answer to the mysterious form of typing. Many people are fascinated, charmed and even their own mother and believe that this is really a question and answer session with the dead. But the two brothers finally recognize that their actions are just messing around. But new emerging beliefs, Spiritualism, still survive and running. 

5. White House 

The Washington, DC, the official residence of the U.S. president's course has played host to many tragedies that occurred during some of this century. Starting this house burned by British troops in 1814, up to several times the experiment (and some are successful) assassination. One of the lurid story that there was a ghost of Abraham Lincoln. Abe widow, Mary Todd, reinforce with a question and answer session at the White House ghost. Another famous ghosts include Andrew Jackson, Dolley Madison and Abigail Adams, although they are now rarely seen