5 Unique Record In the World

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  1. Biggest Pumpkin
On October 9, 2010 to confirm that the giant pumpkin grown in Wincosin officially declared as the world's heaviest pumpkin. Weighing up to 1810 pounds 8 oz and Steven and Chris diremikan in Stillwater in Mennesota Panan Festival. Pumpkin Steven 85 kg heavier than the previous record that grows in Ohio. The secret is a precise mixture of rain, cow manure, good soil, seaweed. Some of the heaviest pumpkin in the world, including the holder's record public display at the Bronx Botanical Gardens in New York.

Biggest Pumpkin

  1. Using Clothes Most
Believe it or not, the Guinness World Record for highest wearing Krunoslav Budiseli performed on May 22, 2010 using the 245 t-shirts at once. With the weight of t-shirts worn at 68 kg, the man from Croatia was declared as the new record holder. He overthrew Swedish Guinness record holder who wore a t-shirt as much as 238.

Using Clothes Most

  1. Largest Horn
Lurch is the record holder for the largest horn circumference in dunioa which reached 37.5 inches. He is an African Watusi was born on October 11, 1996 on a farm in Missouri. Jenice Wolf adopted Lurch when he was 5 weeks old. Unfortunately after being a record holder horn circumference, Lurch died of cancer in one of his horns. Cancer has put an end to the friendship between Jenice with Lurch that has lasted 15 years.

Largest Horn

  1. Longest Dog Ears
Bloodhound from Illinois has the longest ears on a dog measured. This dog reaches the right ear and left ear was 13.75 inches in length in 05.13. The dog named Tigger was recorded in the Guinness World Records in 2004, is owned by Bryan and Christina Flessner. The previous record was owned by Mr. Jeffries with ears that reached 11.5 inches in length.

Longest Dog Ears

  1. Most owners in Body Piercing
May 2010, Chris Elliot and Tyson Turk of America world record for most body piercings in one session. There are 3100 piercings in 6 hours and 15 minutes performed Tyson Turk in a tattoo studio, Bedford, Texas. Tyson beat the previous record with 1015 piercings in 7 hours and 55 minutes set in England though Kam Ma and Charlie Wilson.