6 Most Unique Travel Location

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Tourist sites in order to attract visitors usually make something unique power to attract interest. There were made ​​the atmosphere of horror, funny, no one can even adrenaline. , and the following six most unique tourist locations in the world could be your alternative to fill the holiday.

1. Crocosaurus Cove, Australia
Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, Northern Australia presents the different tours that can trigger adrenaline wisatawannya guaranteed. This resort has a pool which contains crocodiles. More exciting again, visitors can go directly into the pool.

Been to Crocosaurus Cove, you will not only be invited to enter into the alligator pond. But visitors can also induce an alligator, learn about the life of crocodiles, alligators feeding and swimming with crocodiles. 

usually considered fun activity that most of the visitors are Crocosaurus Cove. It is the activity of swimming with crocodiles. There are two pools available Crocosaurus Cove. The first pool is designed specifically for children and adjacent to the swimming baby alligator, limited only by the glass. 

Well, for adults, swimming latter place. Visitors who dare to be put in a cage made ​​of glass.Then put into a pool that contains a large crocodile for 15 minutes. 

2. House of Horror Park, the U.S.

House of Horror Park is a theme park located in the east of the parking lot of Miami International Mall, Miami, USA. Unlike the usual playground, House of Horror presents special theme of horror.

Atmosphere of horror had been felt since your feet my feet first in this playground. Paint the walls with dark and ominous feel outdated adds so thick. 

Speaking of rides, House of Horror is certainly preparing spooky rides for its visitors. Just go to the haunted house ride. This vehicle is a favorite of visitors. You will be invited to roam in the house is old and full of mystery. 

Exit haunted house, visitors can enter the spooky rides, such as theatrical performances.Here, tourists are treated to a theatrical horror played straight by the actors theater reliable.Lighting also is set to use a computer in order to create a more eerie effect. 

3. Ghost Town Tour, UK

If the U.S. had a House of Horror Park, England had a more exciting again, touring in a ghost town. Go on a tour is offered by tour operators in York. Yes, the City of York in England is believed to be the city that has the most spooky ghosts.

In tours which can be followed, such as The York Ghost Walk Experience, you will be invited by a tour complete with a black cassock and hat Greogorian three corners. 

Later, the group will be invited to a number of old buildings that creepy York, among other locations ghosts The Headless Earl, a headless ghost and the ghost of The Gray Lady, a nun who cemented into the wall alive! 

To satisfy troupe, The York Ghost Walk Experience guarantee, "If you do not see the ghost, the ghost must have seen you!" 

4. Kingdom of Dwarves, China

A unique and amusing present kingdom in Yunnan, China, or the Dwarf Kingdom of Dwarves Empire name. Do not be surprised to find out in a hurry. This is not a real kingdom. Dwarf Empire is just a theme park inhabited by about 100 people dwarf, mushroom houses, and all other facilities mini course.

Coming to the Dwarf Empire in Xishan Hill, a suburb of Kunming City, Yunnan it feels like walking into a dwarf village. You can see there are many mushroom houses that decorate the garden. 

Look into one corner of the city, there was a mini castle as well as stage performances.Typically, a show that played the dwarf village twice a day. 

In this unique show, a variety of costumes that they use to make the travelers were smiling and admiring the offerings provided by this mini country. 

they use costume that shows some of the work. Funnily enough, there is a style of wearing a fairy, emperors, princesses, businessmen, and others. 

5. Clifton Beach, South Africa

The natural attractions visited by domestic tourists is the beach. Many of the activities carried out both during the holidays at the beach, such as swimming, playing beach volleyball or sunbathing.

Interestingly, there are several beaches that allow turisnya to remove all her clothes, aka naked. One is Clifton Beach in South Africa. 

beaches are located in the Clifton, City of Cape Town, South Africa is quite hidden. A large rocks around the beach, a wind barrier as well as a barrier between the beach and the town.

brilliant sun also looks perfect on the beach. Maybe that's what makes tourists happy sunbathing naked. 

Besides that, it also promotes local governments Clifton beach is a place that allows visitors to tour naked. Not surprisingly, many foreign tourists who had come to sunbathe naked. 

6. Kish Island, Iran

last place unique tourist island of Kish in Iran. In contrast to Clifton Beach in North Africa which freed turisnya for expression. Iran actually had a women-only beach on the island of Kish.

Having been made ​​for women, the beach is heavily guarded by the female guards. Visitors who come are also subject to conditions, such as prohibited carrying all kinds of cameras, ranging from professional cameras to camera phones. 

Having met all the requirements, you can go enjoy a private beach, a special lady. Because it's guaranteed security, women who are allowed to take off the veil, may even bikinis.