7 Dangerous city For traveler who don't know fear

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City of Caracas, Venezuela
Travelling to explore many cities in the world, see the beauty contained in every corner of the city visited and studied many kinds of the culture, giving its own happiness. But at least we must first understand the circumstances which we will visit.  Not all cities in the world is safe to visit, for it follows we present 7 cities that should be avoided to visit in the world even though the city presents a variety of beauty in it. 

1. Caracas, Venezuela Caracas city to be the most dangerous in the first place for the tourists. Various crimes of drug cartels in the city is often the case, especially for foreign tourists. In addition to drug cartels, poverty is also a factor that leads Caracas became the world's most dangerous cities. Venezuela's capital has the highest crime and murder rates in the world. According to Reuters, at 130 murders and 537 kidnappings occurred in this city of 100 thousand people. 

2. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico addition to Venezuela, Mexico also is home to a drug cartel. The city is often a war between cartels competing for territory, particularly in the city of Ciudad Juarez. The murder rate in Ciudad Juarez was as high as 120 thousand per 100 thousand people. According to data obtained by Reuters on 50 percent of homicides occurred in Ciudad. 

3. Baghdad, Iraq is still conflict-ridden city has become the order of the third in the list of the world's most dangerous cities. According to Mercers world quality of life index since the U.S. invaded the country in 2003, more than 230 thousand civilians died. 

4. Mogadishu, Somalia 's conflict-torn country since the Civil War, the town contained in this African country into a dangerous city to visit for tourists. One of the events that recently happened was a British tourist was kidnapped while he was visiting one of the resorts are located in this country. 

5. Cape Town, South Africa sensitivity between white people and black people are still common in one country are African region.According to data Mercers quality of life index world , every day, there were 50 murders in South Africa and more than half occurred in Cape Town. Throughout the year there are at least 71,500 sexual offenses, 18,400 cases of theft, and 13,900 robberies. 

6. New Orleans, the U.S. Although the U.S. is a state which is still relatively good standard of living and is a developed country, but the country also has high unemployment, triggering an increase in crime, particularly New Orleans. According to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), New Orleans was the murder capital of the U.S.. This refers to the number of murders in New Orleans which was 52 per 100 thousand.
7. Grozny, Chechnya According to Mercers world quality of life index Grozny city is a city that should be avoided. War between gangsters , businesses struggle narcotics, prostitution, illegal arms business, and the growing terrorist cells is a combination of why the city of Grozny in the list of cities that should be avoided.