The only village of Stone in the World ''Kandovan''

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Kandovan is the only village that dibuangun entirely of stone, all the houses in the village are built from stone that sometimes existing seven centuries old! Unique city of stone is located in the city of Osku and Tabriz. The only hotel in the place is the Kandovan Tourism Cliff Hotel is the second most unique hotels in the world under satu2nya Hotel from the Cave of Turkey.

According to legend, the town first came to escape pursuit by the Mongols. They ran and dug hideouts in the volcanic rock cliffs and stayed there, until even the danger had passed. Place initially as a hiding place developed into houses complete with kitchens, bathrooms, even a family gathering place. The houses in this village with beautiful colors using glass for the windows of their homes.

Once you approach Kandovan of Osku or Tabriz city, you will be greeted with a beautiful view of the green foliage of the trees, so that you will forget that you are in Iran are barren and dry. Approaching, you'll be fascinated by the shapes created unique home amazingly beautiful.

In every part of the city there are many signs that offer a visit to one of the houses with certain costs. Some of the houses have been converted into stables or cage birds. But many houses completely untouched by modernization, make you nostalgic atmosphere of life will carry over 7 centuries ago.

Residents Kandovan most professional farmers or sheep herders, but the source of their income comes from tourism. They realize the great potential of their ancient homes and begin to learn to live together with the travelers from all over the world.

Visitors can choose to sleep in Kandovan Tourism Cliff Hotel 5 star, and is located in the heart of the village, or at one of the visitors, as long as you can speak Farsi.Along the river that divides the village from it, and there are many cafes, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of juice Zam-zam cool, gentle breeze filled with the fragrance of roses scent