10 Most Beautiful Underground Station in The World

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1. Tunnelbana Stockholm, Sweden
subway system in Sweden has about 100 stations and nearly all of them were filled with the art is the work of 140 artists. The station is known as the longest art gallery in the world.

2. U-bahn Munich, Munich, Germany

Mulari operations in 1972 and has since grown rapidly. Subway is now serving the purpose to 98 destinations in the city of Munich.

3. Metro Bilbao, Spain

This is the fourth subway station built in Spain and is the third largest in the country. In 2009, the subway has brought 87 million people.

4. Shanghai bund sightseeing tunnel, China

5. Metro station, Dubai

6. Tokyo - Iidabashi station, Japanese

station is the busiest station in the world and is also famous for its architecture is very interesting. Subway station was built in 2000.

7. Line a Prague, Czechoslovakia

8. Komsomolskaya Station, Moscow

Moscow Stations is really beautiful and very artistic, built in 1930 the station was filled with stunning artwork.

9. Toronto Museum Station, Canada

subway station resembles an Egyptian-themed museum.

10. Drassanes Station, Barcelona, ​​Spain