10 Top Most Hated City

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CNN news website ranks cities most hated in the world in an article. Jakarta, sitting in seventh after the city of Lima, Peru.
In his explanation, CNN called the city's most 'hated' does not mean the worst. But at least, when people call the 10 most hated city in the world, the names of the city was always called.
Jakarta, CNN referred to as "Big Durian"; fruit smelling and need 'struggle' to enjoy it.
This is the most expected the traveler perspective because it's full of surprises and difficulties, "said an expatriate from TripAdvisor that it takes six months for the claim to 'love' Jakarta.
According to CNN, as many as 8 million tourists come each year to this city before proceeding to other tourist destinations such as Bali, Yogyakarta and Sumatra. In Jakarta, they spent an average of 7.84 days.
The most questioned, CNN said, is the condition of the traffic, pollution, poverty, and no 'sights' other than the mall epidemic.
Here is a list of the most hated CNN version of the order of the smallest score:
10. Belize City, Belize
Less than three hours flight from Dallas, Belize is often referred to as "other Caribbean".Crime, drugs, depravity, and touts the tagline jail is another city.
9. Cairo, Egypt
Not good enough to be liked, but not bad enough to be avoided, as CNN calls this city. Air pollution, reckless driver, dense population, and the unstable political conditions, is the least interesting part of the city. CNN cited a report by the World Health Organization last equate breathe city air is equivalent to smoking a pack a day.
8. New Delhi, India
The hawkers regarded as the least attractive of the city. In addition it is a fraud on the streets. "The thing to do when visiting is to avoid touts in Delhi," wrote traveldudes.org.
7. Jakarta, Indonesia
Intricate traffic, pollution, and untidiness is not considered the most attractive of the city.
6. Lima, Peru
It is the fifth largest metropolitan city in Latin America. Somewhat safer than Sao Paulo and has more beautiful beaches of La Paz, but Lima is considered boring, except for the smog and unhappy feeling.
5. Los Angeles, United States
Often twisted as Lots Angry. Megalopolis city has about 90 sub-cities, more than 20 toll roads sick, the area code and the countless half-million mall. Earthquakes, race riots, the traffic is boring, a report of smoke, and the roar of sirens often sounded really considered boring. The only 'tourist traps' this town is Hollywood.
4. Timbuktu, Mali
A century ago, the world travelers struggled to reach the center of the trans-Saharan trade this. But now the city is considered so remote and spectacular. According to the latest UK survey, a third of people do not believe that Timbuktu really exists.
3. Paris, France
The city could be the "most loved" but also to "the hated city". Undesirable people of Paris apart from the stereotypical rude waiter who was smoking citizens. In addition, the habit 'Teaser' citizens. "Do not be so easily flattered when you approach the Place du Tertre in Montmartre, and was told that you have an interesting hair," one respondent pointed out.
2. Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
About 4 million people spread across the center, high home prices, occasional fires, and intense hatred is the hallmark of both cities. But do not be denied also that last year, The Economist rate Melbourne as the "World's Most Livable Cities" Melbourne with 97.5 points.Sydney ranks sixth in the same survey with 96.1 points.
1. Tijuana, Mexico
According to reports last Worldfocus, the number of tourist visits to Tijuana plummeted by 90 percent in less than 10 years.
Violence. Drug cartels. Recession. Recent swine flu outbreak. That phrase associated with the city this if any place can ever recover from this, CNN predicts Tijuana ratings could be better