15 Most Ways Terrible Death Punishment

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15. Buried Alive

death penalty has been used for both individuals and groups. Victims are usually tied and then placed in a hole and buried. First was the Nanjing Massacre during World War II, when Japanese soldiers buried Chinese civilians living in what is called "Ten Thousand Corpse Ditch". 

14. Snake Pit

One of the oldest forms of torture and execution, the hole (space) snakes are very common form of capital punishment. Prisoners were thrown into a deep pit with venomous snakes. 

13. The Spanish Tickler

This torture device is commonly used in Europe during the Middle Ages. Used to rip the victim's skin, this weapon could rip through anything, including muscle and bone. The victim was tied up naked, sometimes in public, and then the torturers began to torture them.Usually begins in the legs and working inward, neck and face were always saved for last. 

12. Slow Slicing

Ling Chi, translated as "slow slicing" or "lingering death" was described as death by a thousand cuts. form of torture and execution is similar to Five Pains, but drawn out over a much longer period of time. The torturer slowly cuts and removes some parts of the body, prolong life and victims of torture as long as possible. According to Confucian principles, the body can not cut a whole in the spiritual afterlife, making this form of execution is still torturing victims in the afterlife. 

11. Burning at the Stake

Death by burning has been used as a form of capital punishment for centuries, often associated with crimes such as treason and witchcraft. Now this is regarded as cruel and unusual, but before the 18th century, who was burned at the stake was a common practice.The victim tied to a large stake, often in the city center or anywhere else with the audience and then lit the fire. It is considered as one of the slowest way to die. 

10. Necklacing

Common practice in South Africa, Necklacing consists of a rubber tire, filled with gasoline, forced around the victim's chest and arms, and then being burned. Necklacing essentially causes your body will turn into a molten fire. 

9. Execution by Elephant

in South Asia and Southeast Asia, the Elephant has become the method of capital punishment for thousands of years. Animals were trained to execute two ways. Slowly tortured in a long time period or killing the victim almost immediately. 

8. The Five Pains

one of Chinese capital punishment is relatively easy to understand. Starting with a cut nose victim, then one arm and one leg, and finally, the victim was castrated and cut in half at the waist. Inventor of this punishment Li Si, a Prime Minister of China, finally tortured and later executed in this way. 

7. Colombian Necktie

This method of execution is one of the sadistic dude. The victim's throat was slashed, often times with a knife but really any sharp object will do, and then their tongues pulled out through the open wound. During La Violencia, a Colombian period of history fraught with killing, this is the most common form of execution. It is used mainly to intimidate others who find the facts. 

6. Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered

The penalty for high treason in England, which will be hung, drawn and quartered was a common occurrence during the Middle Ages. Although abolished in 1814, the form of execution was responsible for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of deaths. The process is as follows. First, the victim was dragged on a wooden frame, called a hurdle to the place of execution. Second, the victim was hung by the neck for a short time until almost dead (hanged). Third, castration occur, where afterward, the entrails and genitals burned in front of the victim. Finally, the body is divided into four separate parts and beheaded. 

5. Cement shoes

Introduced by the American Mafia, the method of execution involves placing the victim in the foot block and then fill it with wet cement and then throwing him into the water. This form of execution is still practiced today, and even coined the term "person who sleeps with the fishes" as a euphemism for the dead. 

4. Guillotine

Guillotine is one of the most popular forms of execution. Consists of a sharp knife tied to a rope, the victim's head is placed in the middle of the frame and then the knife fell with lightning, causing the cut off almost instantly. 

3. Republican Marriage

not gruesome but it is certainly one of the most interesting. Originating in France, the form of execution was common in the French Revolution. Involves tying together two naked people, a man and a woman is usually of the same age, and they drown. In some cases, usually where water is not available, the couple would be with a sword. 

2. Crucifixion

method of execution is one of the most popular methods, obviously mainly due to the execution of Jesus Christ. Crucifixion consists of the victim's hands and feet were nailed to the cross and then being lifted into the air. The victim then left to hang there until dead, which usually took days, and often die of thirst before anything else. 

1. The Brazen Bull

The Brazen Bull, sometimes known as one of the most cruel methods of torture and execution out there. Designed in ancient Greece, in the form of a bull, with a door on the side open and locked. To start the execution, the victim was placed in a brass bull and a fire was set underneath. metal is heated until it is really hot, causing the victim to "roast to death." The bull was designed so that the screams of the victims will be heard the music for the enjoyment of the executioner.