8 Unique And Weird Tree Ever See

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The tree has a variety of forms, there is the usual course but there are a few specimens of the more unusual trees and fabulous finds in the world, even the somewhat strange and spectacular, yet people are not aware of their mysterious properties, strange sizes or unusual shapes . Here is a list of the top 8 of the tree:


Axel Erlandson passion for sculpting trees, also known as arborsculpture, led him to open a horticulture attraction in 1947 near Santa Cruz, California named The Circus Tree and people flocked from all over the country to see the strange and striking creations. Using a set of special skills, Erlandson started to sculpt something unusual, trees are still alive.One tree is the famous  "Basket Tree" . the truth is sixSycamores grafted together in 42 different connections to give the basket shape 

2.PIRANGI Cashew Tree, BRAZIL 


This tree nuts (cashew) in the world and more like a root and bush than a tree covering 8500 square meter range (one tree )! The total area of this tree is probably 
 300ftx300ft.  Looks like forests and fruitful  8000  fruit in a year.  



TREE OF LIFE (Tree of Life) in Bahrain is one of the mysteries of the world that is bound in the list of most unusual trees around world! Old mesquite tree survives four centuries old in the middle of the desert without water availability. The mystery of the survival of the tree has made ​​it a legend and the name  
"tree of life"  is really appropriate for the tree, truly a miracle of life. A legend is also attached to the place where the tree was located. Locals believe with heart and soul that this is the actual location of  the Garden of Eden 


Baobabs, with their distinctive shape, is one of the trees with the most  
charismatic  of the world. This particular specimen, located in Madagascar, is referred to as 'Teapot Baobab'.These trees remain leafless during the year, and their stems are thick, bloated, fire-resistant and can store water during the dry months. Even one of the trunk there that can accommodate people in it. 


Aged around  
2500 year  with 275 feet high (83.8 meters), located in the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park in the United States. In January 2006, the largest branch of the tree was cut. However, the damage can not change the status of the General Sherman the largest tree! This stunning tree has a trunk base measuring 102 meters in the Circle. 



Ta Prohm Temple 
 or the Jungle Temple which is located in Angkor Thom complex has trees growing in the most surprising. No words can explain until you set foot there and see it for yourself. Apparently, the place had been abandoned for hundreds of years and the results are incredible from what you see now in place which is also called  Angkor Archaeological Park . On every side, in fantastic scale, the trunks of the silk cotton trees soar skywards under a dark shade of green, endless roots coiling more like reptiles than plants. 



Mexico's most famous tree, Ginormous Tule Tree (Arbol del tule) grows near Oaxaca City.Maybe this is not the largest or the oldest tree in the world, but it has no competition to award the widest cross-section is about  
164 meters  in circumference. 


Dragon Tree found at de los Vinos in Tenerife, one of the Canary from Islands, and he lived between  
650 until 1500  year. This specimen inherited this name from mythical origins: Herculesharus bring back three golden apples from the Hesperides garden, guarded by Landon, the hundred-headed dragon. Hercules killed Landon and his blood flowed on the ground, which then grow Dragon Tree. The tree exudes  "Dragon Blood"  - a red sap when cut.