Process Of Making Money

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Money, the higher the number, the higher our desire to have it. Maybe that's what comes to mind almost every person on the money. However, ever occurred to you desire to know how money is manufactured?
For clarity, let us trace the process of printing money in Perum Mint RI (Peruri), Falkirk, West Java.
It was not just anyone can get into the area of ​​printing money. Must be real people registered already made an appointment or invitation Peruri can enter this area.
Layers of tight security since you will encounter set foot here. That was just entering the main gate Peruri arena. Do not imagine entering the building production printing money, demanding!
The first time that you have to do if you want to enter the area of ​​the production process of printing money, you have to abandon all forms of digital technology such as you carry a cell phone (mobile phone) and image recording devices such as digital cameras. Not only that, the money and the wallet had to be secured first. But do not worry, the stuff you left behind will be stored in lockers that are provided at the front entrance and take your locker key.
After that, then you should enter the revolving doors of the building. After passing through a revolving door, you will immediately see a window that is displayed on it a number of product manufacturers Peruri. Starting from banknotes and coins that have been produced from the beginning to the latest Peruri, valuable papers nonuang like stamps, excise stamps, passports, land certificates, diplomas, seals, and also displayed a site plan Peruri architectural mockups.
After satisfied with enjoying the ornaments on display in a window, then you can progress to the second floor. Can climb stairs or lift. On the second floor is you can see firsthand how the money is produced, from the initial stages to final production.
These stages of the printing of paper money:

1.Proses Plate Intaglio Print / Galvano (Engraving Process)
This is the initial stage of the process of printing paper money. It takes three to five months to make a printing plate money.

2.Proses Roll Silk Screen Intaglio (inking Schablon Process)
After creating the printing plate, then move on to the process of ink roll machine rollers or the player to make money.

Stage Notes 3.Proses Print Print Average (Offset Process)
After a plate and roll printing money is ready, the stage begins now printing money to paper.A large sheet of paper contains the 45-50 slip (sheet) money. For 1,000 bills, 2,000 and Rp 5,000 per paper include 50 slips. As for the 10,000 to 100,000 bills containing 45 slips per paper. This is the stage where the provision of the basic color of money.

Stage Notes 4.Proses Print Print In (Intaglio Process) Once the paper is given the base color, then proceed with the printing paper in sheet or in part in sheets instead. But before printing the inside, the paper has been given a base color first dried for one day.

5.Proses Inspection Sheet Large (Inspection Process)
After two pieces of paper have been printed, and the examination was undertaken of money.This examination is done manually by the employees to see if there is any damage in the production process. When you know there are damaged or defective, then the sheets are damaged it will be marked with graffiti.

6.Proses Print Number (Numbering Process) After checked manually, then followed by giving the number of money. Number of money orders is tailored to the Bank Indonesia (BI).There are three rotary printing machine number that has been filled with plates of each currency.

After printing the number, then the bill should be re-examined in order to check the correctness and validity of the money numbers.

7.Proses Settlement (Cutpack Process)
This is the final stage of any process of printing paper money. The process is divided into two, namely the completion of mechanically and manually. Mechanically, large sheets of paper are now cut using a paper cutting machine. Manually, the bills were reviewed by a number of workers who are predominantly women. In the final stage of this reason bills are damaged or defective perforated for later destroyed.
Thus the stages of the process of money printing, it was not as easy as we think it is not?
Keep in mind, material genuine banknotes of Bank Indonesia (BI) on the market as long as it is made of cotton, so it is not easy to fade, dull, and torn. So do not be fooled by the fake money of course the manufacturing process faster, but the money will be printed more quickly dull, faded and damaged.
For domestic orders, Peruri only did the production process, while the material obtained from the BI. As for overseas bookings, as booking uangNepal, Somalia, and Mauritius, Peruri alone prepare everything, including paper materials.
So, from now appreciate how penny of the money you have.