7 Most Dangerous Underwater Animals

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Human one should not claim to be the supreme beings throughout the land earth. But what about life under the sea? Shall man can overcome and be free from harm? If any man can conquer it, still alert because danger man must always lurking. Below is a partial list of dangerous underwater creatures LiveScience version which often become a threat to other water creatures. And of course, a dangerous threat to humans.

1. Sea Eel 
strong bite of sea eel with sharp teeth can cause serious injury prone to bacterial infections of the mouth of these primitive animals. Eels are often hiding in cracks and holes in the reef during the day and hunt for food at night. Marine Experts advise divers to keep the hands of a crack or hole suspicious to avoid attacks. One more thing, do not ever feed these animals if you do not want to be attacked by a flock.

2. Sea lions 
Sea lions can be classified as cute animal, easily trained, and many became stars in some zoos. Nevertheless, these animals often also attack humans. In California, the United States, few cases of sea lion attacks were reported in Manhattan Beach, Newport, and San Francisco in 2006. Some local scientists say sea lion behavior unpredictable and can suddenly become aggressive.

3. Fish Pari 
animal name is so much world attention since the tragic death of the host as well as biologists â € œCrocodile Hunterâ €? Steve Irwin in 2006. Stingray tail shaped like a spear and contain many toxins have been stabbed Steve and make heart failure.

4. Salt water crocodile
saltwater crocodile has a reputation as one of the world's most vicious predators. Animals that can grow to over six feet tall and weighing 1,500 kilograms has a variety of prey, including monkeys, kangaroos, buffalo, shark, and even humans. By using the powerful forces, the saltwater crocodile bite twisting its prey in the water to paralyze and then eat it.

5. Fish Lions 
Being favorite fish aquarium inhabitants, famous lion fish with poisonous thorns. Although not very lethal in humans, the poison can lead to headaches, vomiting, and respiratory problems. According to some reports, these symptoms can last for several weeks.

6. Sea Serpent 
basic human fear of snakes put this species on the list of dangerous marine animals. But in fact this sea snake hidden life at sea and not too threatening human life. Even so, this snake venom remains a frightening specter. In one bite, snake venom is able to paralyze prey and kill it in a matter of seconds.

7. Puffer fish toxin 
called lethal Tetrodotoxin (TTX) is contained in the fat-bodied fish. Toxins are more powerful than cyanide resulted in difficulty in breathing on a person before leading to death. A unique, a number of professional chefs in Japan separates the meat can be consumed as a meal of puffer fish with high taste.