Equipment To Prevent Theft

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Any of us who have robbed, from small things like bread or great as a car. Below are the tricks to prevent theft.

1. Plastic bags of moldy

Plastic bags makes you look moldy food so it is definitely there org ga who want to eat it.

2. connector Power Secrets

This electrical socket looks just like a regular power socket so the thief will not thoughts to steal something from there. Though electrical socket can be used to save money or other jewelry.

3. Fake Car Stereo Cassette

Cassette in the car stereo is a fake, just to make thieves think that you are worthless car tape so they would not steal it.

4. Stickers rusty

These stickers make your car look lecet2, reducing your car stolen because the thief would choose to steal a car that is better than a car because it is more valuable blisters.

5. Holes for Mug

You could put a plug in your mug so you can not wear glasses anymore because there is a hole in the mug unless your colleagues or friends that want to cover the hole with his hands.

6. Kolor Stools

Kolor is intentionally made with colors that look dirty and disgusting desire to avoid thieves to check whether there are any valuables inside.

7. Newspaper Laptop Bag

This laptop bag looks just like a newspaper to fool thieves. Paper bag consists of language options.

8. Biometik USB Flash Drive
Flash drives can only be used by logging in with a password or fingerprint. So your information will be safe in it.

9. Bicycle Tire Damage

This bike tires seem broken so the thief will not be fooled into thinking that your bike is broken

10. Fake Security Camera

People will think that you have a camcorder so they will think ten times before deciding to rob the house / your store.