Weirdest Rules In The World

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Prohibited leave the house without wearing underwear.  

PHILIPPINES: To reduce the level of traffic stagnation of Manila, it was determined that: Vehicle numbered end of 1 or 2 are not allowed to operate on Monday. 

SWEDEN:house painting is prohibited without permission from the government and had to use paint have got the certificate / license from the government. 

SOUTH KOREA: The police are required to report the amount of the bribes they receive from their ticketed motorists.

  1. Prohibited from selling chewing gum in Singapore.
  2. Prohibited running naked (nude)
  3. Do not flush the toilet after a bowel movement, can be fined.
  4. If you are caught spitting 3X as much, you are required to clear the way on Sunday with carrying a paper in his chest "I am a Litterer" (I'm a Peludah)
  5. Banned pee in the lift / elevator.
  1. Prohibited from selling vegetables on the day of the week (except carrots).
  2. Women were forbidden to eat chocolate in a public place.
  3. Taking discarded items, be punishable with Terrorism.

  1. Women who work in government offices are prohibited from wearing mini skirts or clothes that can "provoke" a co-worker during working hours.
  2. Cussing in public places is prohibited.

  1. Men who wear mini skirts in public places subject to imprisonment.
  2. Hitting people with fists threatened criminal persecution. But hitting people with tables and chairs can be considered self-defense.

  1. Children over the age of 18 years (under 21) are prohibited from buying cigarettes, but allowed smoking.
  2. Prohibited picked up on the first ring.
  3. Only a licensed Electrical Officers are allowed to change the lamp house.
  4. Prohibited from wearing pants Hot Pink on Sunday.

prohibited in the stadium wearing a sport, because it can interfere with other people's views.CHINA: Only the smart kids are allowed to lecture (and this must be proven by the State that receives a diploma exam). CANADA:

  1. Removing plaster wound prohibited in public places.
  2. Banned tananam garden hose when it is raining.
  3. Banned pee in all places in Canada (except the toilet of your own).
  4. Forbidden to climb trees.

  1. Banned kissing in the subway.
  2. You are prohibited from naming the pig "Napoleon".

  1. Prohibited from raising pigs in the land of Israel. People who do so will be shot dead.
  2. Ngupil forbidden on the Sabbath (Saturday / Sunday). (Apparently ngupil also need a break pas weekend)
  3. Forbidden to ride a bike, but have a license to ride a bicycle.

  1. Arizona Government prohibits hunters hunting activities camels in Arizona. (The problem: Onta not alive / not in Arizona. Then why should enact legislation that? * Confused *)
  2. Prohibited imitating Pastor / local Pastor.
  3. Prohibited from driving a car without shoes.
  4. Forbidden to play dominoes on Sunday.
  5. Forbidden to wear a fake mustache in church.
  6. The death penalty is enforced for anyone who sprinkle salt on a railroad track.
  7. Prohibited from driving with your eyes closed.
  1. Prohibited from photographing a sleeping bear.
  2. Prohibited tie pet dog on the hood / roof.
  3. Prohibited provide drinking beer on a stag.
  4. Prohibited from walking around carrying a bow and arrows.

  1. Men were allowed to beat his wife, but not more than 1 time a month. (WHAT??!!)
  2. Banned maintain crocodile in the bathtub. (Who also who would??)
  3. Men and women who are caught flirting on the street, will be subject to 30 days in jail.
  4. Prohibited from carrying cows walk on the main road after passing at 1am on Sunday.

  1. Pets are allowed to have sex is prohibited in the vicinity of schools, parks, and places of worship.
  2. Women are forbidden to drive a car wearing a negligee.
  3. Car without a driver speeding on the street is prohibited.
  4. Cycling is prohibited in the pool.
  5. Prohibited to wear cowboy boots unless you keep cows at least 2 tails.
  6. Prohibited keep animals green and smelly.
  7. Banned from playing bowling on the sidewalk.

  1. Prohibited from arguing with the police, unless the vehicle is stopped by it.
  2. Prohibited from building in the middle of the road.

  1. Prohibited riding at speeds over 90 km / h.
  2. Men banned from kissing his wife on Sunday.
  3. Fire trucks are not allowed to speeding more than 40 km / h, although the location is heading to kebakarang though.
  4. Makeup artist / beauty prohibited whistling, humming, or singing while serving customers.

  1. The Constitution guarantees pregnant pigs free from the threat of imprisonment, for any action that they did.
  2. Penalties will be given to a woman who was asleep when her hair-hair dryer, unless he is the owner of the salon.
  3. Prohibited from singing in public while wearing a swimsuit.
  4. Banned fart in a public place after 6 PM.
  5. Prohibited solve the dishes more than 3 pieces a day.

  1. Prohibited greet people while ngupil.
  2. Prohibited from wearing sandals after passing 10 pm.
  3. Men are prohibited from wearing out with jackets and pants are not matching.
  4. Men forbidden to leave the house topless (not wearing tops). (FYI: This is the oldest law in New York because it has been in force since 1900.)
  5. Prohibited slurping soup.
  6. Do not eat while swimming in the ocean.

  1. Banned breastfeed in public.
  2. Banned dancing and drinking at the same time