10 Awful Hotels in the World

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Many hotels in the world, established in dozens, even hundreds of years ago. In addition to the appeal so the old building, there are many mysteries posed. As ever contained in Dailytelegraph, 10 hotels creepy described below.

1. Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh, UK
The ghost is said to haunt the Lady Catherine Dalhousie Castle in Edinburgh. Legend has it that Lady Catherine died of a broken heart. Hotel guests claim that they had seen him wandering the halls and hear the rustle of her skirt or scratches and knocks. Staff and guests say they have felt the feeling of someone tapping on their shoulders or pulled their hair.

2. Tulloch Castle, Dingwall, UK
Some claim they are often awakened while sleeping in at Room Eight conditions could hardly breathe like a strangled. One of the guests tells he felt cold and two girls were sitting on his chest trying to strangle him. Other guests claim heard footsteps in the Pink Room and the Great Hall. Others said they had heard the rattling door handles and other strange noises in the night.

3. Ballygally Castle Hotel, UK
Former fortress in 1625, ghosts Isobella Shaw often appeared to the guests before disappearing. According to local legend, Lord Isobella Shaw locked in a room after she gave birth to their son. He died falling from a window in an attempt to escape. Legend has it that the castle Isobella looking for her son.

4. Bear Hotel, Hampshire, UK
The hotel was built in 1795, guests have reported seeing ghostly housemaid who died in Room 22. They say he sat on the edge of their bed.

5. Fairmont Banff Springs, Canada
Hotel guests claim that they have seen waiters wearing full uniform on the ninth floor. The man was a ghost of a former bellman Sam Macauley who died in 1967. He often disappeared after helping guests

6. Grand Hyatt Hotel Taipei, Taiwan
Hotels were built on the former political prison of war, guests and hotel staff reported ghosts of executed prisoners. This hotel has put China silk and sacred scrolls across the lobby in an attempt to ward off ghosts.

7. Royal George Hotel, UK
The guests said they had seen a young girl crouching and crying in the room 22.Local residents said that the ghost is that of a girl who committed suicide after being separated from her lover by his father.

8. Stanley Hotel Colorado, USA
Elisabeth Wilson, a housekeeper who died in the hotel in 1911 reported often assist guests in Room 217. He kindly brought their goods. Other guests reported hearing the sounds of children running and laughing in the hallway on the fourth floor.

9. Toftaholm Herrgard, Sweden
Guests at this hotel have reported strange noises such as doors and windows closed when they are open before it. Residents said it was the work of a boy who falls in love with a princess. On the morning of her wedding to another woman, he instead hung himself in room 324.

10. Burchianti Hotel, Florence, Italy
Are claimed to have heard children skipping down the halls and saw a woman knitting in a chair.