Worst Place For Women

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Share of women in the National Assembly: 5% 
Female-to-male income ratio: 52:100 
illiteracy rate among women: 57% 

in slums around Port-Au-Prince, which was organized gang rape is a reality that must be faced to many women-women of Haiti. Nearly half of girls and young women (in) capitalâ € ™ s cite Soleil shantytown had been raped or had experienced sexual violence, according to the UN report, an NGO said: the problem is not taken seriously because many Haitians , includes members of the police and the justice system, rape only occurs when the victim is a girl. In fact, rape is not classified as a crime until 2005. In addition, if a husband found his wife committing adultery, Book of the Law of Criminal Law forgive him if he killed him: but if a wife kills her husband because of the same circumstances, the wife will not be forgiven. 

2.YAMAN - In the Middle East

Share of women in the Assembly of Representatives: Less than 1% of 
Female-to-male income ratio: 30:100 
illiteracy rate among women: 35% 

Early marriage is common in Yemen, with 48 percent of girls at marriage 18 years old and even many who are still 12 years old. The result? concern for the health of mothers and babies. 1 of 39 women die when subjected to pregnancy or childbirth, and 1 in 10 children did not get to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the death. 

3.SIERRA LEONE - The African continent

Share of women in Parliament: 13% 
Female-to-male income ratio : 45:100 
illiteracy rate among women: 24% of 

Sierra Leone has the worst degree of gender equality in the world. according to the United Nations Human Development, 1 dar 8 women die during pregnancy or childbirth, and life expectancy (life expectancy) was only 43 years old. One of the lowest in the world. Children only women can expect to receive six years of education received in school. The most severe, during a civil war, in which a third of the women and girls there suffer sexual violence, which still haunt women today. 

4.NEPAL-In South Asia

Share of women in Constituent Assembly : Approximately 32% 
Female-to-male income ratio: 50:100 
illiteracy rate among women: 35% 

in Nepal early marriage is also common. Woman-woman who was born the 70 married at age 16 tahun.Menurut report from the International Red Cross, only about 1 in 5 births handled by midwives or trained health care professional. 

5.PAPUA NEW GUINEA - In Asia Pacific

Share of women in National Parliament: Less than 1% of 
Female-to-male income ratio: 72:100 
illiteracy rate among women: 51% of 

Children in Papua New Guinea women can expect to receive only five years of schooling.What's worse, the habit of accusing shaman (mostly women) if tiba2 happens someone becomes seriously ill or even death, so dukun2 will be abused, raped and even dibunuh.Padahal the sick is not clear what caused it. 
Meanwhile, Women -Women in PNG have four times the risk of contracting HIV because of their social status does not allow them to have sex with aman.Contohnya determine, as will be related, they should not say "we use condoms yes om". 

6.MOLDOVA - DI Continent

Share of women in Parliament: 22% 
Female-to-male income ratio: 63:100 
illiteracy rate among women: 99% of 

Moldova is a country where many women are bought and sold and used as prostitutes.Young women often fall for even anak2 perekrut2 a promising job with a high-paying job abroad, when in fact only to work in the pimp / or tempat2 prostitution in Russia, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates. 
Hopefully, by the first female Prime Minister in this country, all of that could change.