7 Most Unique Woman in the World

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1. Maria Jose Cristerna (Female Vampire)
Maria Jose Cristerna, mother of four from Mexico taking an unusual path even too cruel to replicate. Cristerna, thus changing his appearance with his first name tattooed all over his body and put titanium under the skin of the face and forehead to make it look like horns.Women married at the age of 17 was also dubbed "Female Vampire". He even admitted to starting obsessed with tattoos after domestic violence victims. "Tattooing is a form of liberation for me," said Cristerna. 35-year-old woman also changed her teeth to create long fangs to complete the look.
2. Elaine Davidson (6925 Having Piercing)
Elaine Davidson, the Brazilian woman who received the title of The Most Pierced Woman of the Guinness Book of Records in May 2000 ago, back to being the spotlight. Not because it has 6925 piercings on her body, including 1,500 internal piercings In 2000, Elaine has 462 piercings on her body, including 192 on her face. But the number has now reached 6925 piercing piercings, including pierced in the 'vital'. In February 2009, the Brazilian-born former nurse is claimed to have felt the pain of piercing art that he liked it, so he did not want to expand the number of piercings on his body. Yet she never took off or eliminate any ring and bracelet on her, which is estimated to have weighed about three kilograms in total
3. Bae Dal Mi (Never Face Wash)
-Bae Dal-mi. A girl aged 20 years old from korea. This habit started when he fell in love with make-up at the age of 14 years. Since then, from time to time make-up that uses increasingly thick. He said that the most important thing in his life is a mirror. "I always look into the mirror and took all the time," he said on a variety show in korea. Although he included pretty without make-up, she still was not satisfied with his performance "I want to do plastic surgery at 10 sites," he said.
4. Staysha Randall (Has Piercing 3200)
Staysha Randall, Age 22 years has penetrated his back legs and hands by 3200 industrial strength needles, in order to create a new Guinness record, in Las Vegas. Staysha, Las Vegas performer who usually does escape acts and burlesque shows in which he showed his physical strength set out to break the old record of 3100 needles stuck in one person, just one sitting. She and body piercer 'Danger' Bill Robins first set out to reach the 3600 mark needles, but the pain was apparently so great Staysha calling it quits after being stabbed with a 3200 gauge 18 -, 1.5-inch long needle
5. Ji Hyun (Never Brush Teeth)
Ji Hyun Ji. 20-year-old girl who became a star in the show Mars Virus television programs most popular in South Korea claimed never again brushed his teeth since 10 years ago. "I do not understand why people should brush teeth, because after all the other people would not look into the mouth you, "said Ji Hyun Ji, relaxed. "For me, the leftovers pile it will actually protect my teeth." Last time she remembers doing when she brushed her teeth at the age of 10 years. Everyday, he just wiped his front teeth.
6. Cindy Jackson (Perform Most Plastic Surgery)
At first glance looks natural beauty Cindy Jackson at that age no longer young, 55. However kemolekannya he gained through extreme procedures with 52 times the face and body makeovers. Cindy now holds the record for most plastic surgeries in the world. "I have no ambition whatsoever to break the record. I just do it to get a beautiful natural body, "he said in a television show on ABCNews. Cindy revealed for decades he has conducted 14 full plastic surgery, botox, upper and lower eye surgery. He also underwent abdominal fat retrieval (liposuction) and collagen injections in the hand. For all operations it is doing, Cindy had to spend up to U.S. $ 100 thousand, equivalent Rp858 million. Feeling experience in and out of the operating table, he then claims to be an anti-aging expert consultant. "During that process I gain valuable knowledge about the good and not operating. Why sometimes surgery is not successful, and achieve the best results confidential, safe and effective, "he wrote in his personal website. Woman from Ohio was admitted, background grumpy father and low self-esteem made him determined to change yourself. Since young, she felt her ugly. "At age 14, there was a comment about me that makes me smile seemed to want to change."
7. Julia Gnuse (Tattoos Whole Body)
Full Body Tattoo Girl Sign Guinness Book, Julia Gnuse from California, entered the Guinness Book of Records because 95% of his body tattooed. Julia Gnuse initially tattooed his body because he suffered a skin disease, a disease called Porphyria makes the skin can be easily damaged if exposed to sunlight, and this girl started to cover his body tattooed. Now Julia Gnuse body tattoos covered 95%, ranging from Mickey Mouse, Kizz Band, The Beatles, and various other tattoos. Now her body like a living canvas Pop Art that this woman was awarded