Types of Cannabis Plants (Drugs Plant)

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Marijuana is the illicit psychotropic materials, let alone owning, wearing just any wrong in the eyes of the law. Everyone knows marijuana is contraband, but not all people know the shape of the tree of marijuana. That is the question I had been, how to distinguish marijuana tree with unusual trees. So in fact as to whether cannabis is the tree? Actually a lot of these types of marijuana, but in this post we review Types of Marijuana Plants In The World:


Big Bud
big bud marijuana
This is the kind of superior cannabis trees, with thick leaves, more marijuana was also produced. Can grow tall and develop indoor match. Besides beautiful flowers also Northern Lights

Excellence marijuana one is easy to plant, easy to grow indoors, and is now being studied for health benefits.

blueberry Called because according to some references from the internet, while inhale marijuana addict this one smells like blueberry, grow well outdoors, but need more maintenance. AK-47 Less clear why the so-called AK-47, may be related to the aroma, which is obviously marijuana This one can grow both inside and outside the room.


Purple Power 
purple power marijuana strains
As with  all  descendants of marijuana  outdoor  Purple Power  requires a  lot of  sun  and warmth  but  also can flourish  even  in the  weather is  less  reliable  plant  it  can reach  a height  of more than   feet  in  greenhouse  and  climate  south  , while  in temperate regions  Purple  Power  an average  growth of about 5  feet . 


afghan marijuana strains 
When approaching the moment these crops spread smells like gasoline, oily bud itself.beyond the intoxicating effects of this plant are known efficacious to relieve insomnia and chronic pain.