4 Weakness Women For Business

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Fear of failure in entrepreneurship can be a major obstacle in business

The women are now increasingly interested in entrepreneurship. "In this era of globalization, they are many who are interested in entrepreneurship and self-contained as a form of emancipation of women," said psychologist Tika Bisono. 

It is actually a good effect on improving the economy of the family, female independence, self-actualization, who would help the country boost the economy.These women actually have many positive qualities and the ability to entrepreneurship. "Intuition is very good business woman, and empathy of women is higher than men," he added.
Although much has its advantages, women still keep a number of disadvantages when it began managing entrepreneurial businesses.

1. Too many thoughts 
This seems to be the basic problems of every woman. Great dedication on families making women, especially housewives, have a lot of mind when deciding to start entrepreneurial activities. "Many women who are thinking about leaving the kids to work, or can not take care of their husbands, or anything else. Fact to be entrepreneurs all things can be done well, and the time owned more flexible than office workers," added Tika.

2. Excessive Empathy 
The nature of this woman is actually more like a boomerang in business. On the one hand, the nature of empathy can make women susceptible to a variety of conditions in the vicinity. Not infrequently entrepreneurial ideas actually come from these concerns, such as efforts to process fabric waste, plastic waste, caring for children who are less able, to empower the women around her to improve living standards.
However, on the other hand, the nature of empathy is sometimes overgrowing in women. This trait often makes women do not think rationally and instead put her emotional side. So the self-employed women who are just starting or have been able to do business often have a variety of problems, namely fraud.

3. Business management 
Until now, women in business have not mentally tough guy. Besides experience in the field of business management is still less than men. The women are often hesitant and indecisive when making decisions related to business management."However, it can actually be solved with business experience and through formal schools," he said.

4. Fear of failure
 Compared to men, women are often afraid to take big risks in starting a business, and taking steps to expand its business. "The fear of failing is higher in women than men. This is because there are many things related to family economic thought, and children. This is also an obstacle to progress," he added.
According to Tim, the failure of a person in the business is a natural thing. Because of this failure can be a whip to still be innovating and daring step forward. Fear of failure makes these women tend to run in place.