7 Unique Things From Women But Men Liked

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You would not think that a man could be attracted to their partner when you're just wearing jeans and a T-shirt with confidence. Well, men are unpredictable. Here's the other strange things that men like a woman, as quoted by the Times of India:

1. Face Without Make Up
Although you often do not appear confident without makeup, but men prefer your natural face. Occasionally leave makeup smokey eyes, and see him with your naturally beautiful face. Surely he got blown away!

2. What Not Matching Lingerie
Maybe you always prepare to tempt couples in bed with your recent frilly lingerie, or a set of undies with a matching color. But it turns out he also likes when you look ready to attack.The trick? Do not try to wear matching lingerie when you have sex.

3. Silly Jokes
No need too keep the image in front of her. Apparently men like the woman who played practical joke and have a good sense of humor.

4. Section Should Not Be Skinny
If you are obsessed with the super slim supermodel body, try to accept your body shape is.The man was actually not too fond of the flat body. The curve of your body is very sexy in her eyes.

5. Appearing Relaxed
There are times when you must take off your bed clothes were sexy. Wear over-sized t-shirt when you sleep. You look relaxed able to make her feel comfortable around you.

6. Random-tangled hair
Even if you do not like the hair is not combed, apparently he liked it. Hair disheveled, as if you just got up, look sexy for him.

7. Eye Contact
Make yourself interesting to look into his eyes when talking. Eye contact shows that you are confident enough, so do not be shy to stare directly at the eyes of her.