Celebrity That Had Sex Addiction

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It was not just Tiger Woods sex addiction. A number of celebrities also experiencing alleged sex addiction. Among them is Michael Douglas who admitted that he was addicted to sex. Because 'dangerous disease' was very threatening and endangering the integrity of the household himself also, he voluntarily entered rehab therapy program for treating obsession with incredible sex. 

addition to Douglas, there are a number of celebrities who also have a similar problem. Each has its own ways to cope. These cases celebrity world:
Michael Douglas
Husband actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is an encouraging recognize sexual addiction.
He underwent rehabilitation in Arizona, USA. Now he has a happy family and promised to pay 1.7 million euros to his wife if caught cheating.
Colin Farrell
Irish actor admits love women "of all types and sizes."
But his love was turned into a love of sex as her sex tape with Playboy model Nicole Narain revealed to the public.
Charlie Sheen
Charlie evasive if he had sex addiction. However, he was reported to have slept with around 5,000 women, plus for divorce from his wife for violence and spent 50 thousand dollars to sleep with sex workers.
Billy Bob Thornton
When I was a husband Angelina Jolie, Billy caught having an affair with the fans and housekeeper.
To treat addiction, Angelina sends her into rehab. Not undergoing treatment, he would sleep with his therapist.
Bill Murray
He was labeled as a 'sex addict 'after his wife filed for divorce.
During 11 years of marriage she stated Bill dependence on marijuana and sex and domestic violence.