10 Machine of Prank

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1. Wireless Phone Tricks
"When someone tries to answer the phone, the caliber hollow tube 32 will explode with a loud voice, and at the same time white powder will come out from the transmitter leads to her face"
2. Machine Pedal Invisible
When a person starts to memerkan strength by lifting weights as an exercise tool common in that time, he will be surprised that an empty 32-caliber tube exploded in the back, and a board that is in the back will hit the buttocks of the person as well as spraying water in the face.
3. Throw Knives
"Believe me, it is so cool, perfect and harmless, but fraud is very convincing." Participants found the blade to be thrown by the thrower, but the actual knife hidden in the back wall and generated through slot-operated hard from behind. It is already planned by giving power to the arms that give the sensation like a knife cut section.
4. Machine bashers

When someone raised the handle supplied then they will feel the back of a pretty painful slap and pull out loud to that person by surprise. And not only that, hidden in the bottom of the power that has been implemented and they will get a shock with the same time.
5. Goat Fell
"We think that we have reached the limit when it comes to creating a goat, but from the nature of imagination and ingenuity we have created another specimen. Real rip - something huge. "Just a great wheel runs on the floor. Small wheels can be compared with the nail of the goats in action.
6. Altar Agreement

When someone kneeling at the altar in a dark room. He will be surprised to jump because there is a large skeleton skull, bulging eyes light up, a blank cartridge exploded and the water came out on her face. Not only that, there is also an electric shock which is right at the knees.
7. Bench Surprise
"People who sit on the bench will be surprised because the bench will fall to the back. This produces a real feeling like a waterfall, but not dangerous, because it was specifically designed. "
8. Sea Serpent
Using an electric carpet so the rider feels 'comfortable'. Its body is made of canvas with a length of 20 feet and has a strange head with straps for holding facilities.

9. Action Devil
The setting is smart and seubtansial and have a safe seat as a seat. When launched, chairs and people who possess it will fall backwards and forwards drastic plunge trajectory.At the bottom, the attendant uses water gun by saying that it is the effect.
10. Miraculous Goat
Magic Goat "is a spectacular Goat in every respect. Will react to the rider's tears, shaking, and kicking from the goats and will sense movement up and down. Body covered with goat skin tanned wool best and have horns and eyes. Goat comes hinges and locks on the chest.