10 Discovery Science 2010

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Scientists from various fields such as chemistry, astronomy, biology, archeology, and paleontology have managed to find spectacular facts in science. Here is the best of the scientific discoveries of the year 2010, published by
Times Magazine . Among the list of best invention, there is a discovery that is the success of scientists from Indonesia.

1. Horned Dinosaurs In September this year, scientists officially named a new group of dinosaurs called Kosmoceratops. Weight class dinosaur reach 2500 pounds. And, what makes it unique is the 15 horns on its head.
Kosmoceratops actually been found in 2007, but scientists could only identify it this year. Group allegedly dinosaurs lived 76 million years ago in what is now known as Utah, USA.
2. Muons and Cosmological Scientists say that the amount of matter and anti-matter produced before the big bang should be different. Only difference is what allows the creation universe.
Previously, the difference was only possible in theory. Until this year, experiments at the Fermilab particle found that muons (sub-atomic particles such as electrons) generated has the advantages of 1% anti-muons.
Muons and anti-muons difference is indeed not too much. However, scientists say that the amount was enough to spur the creation of the universe.
3. Moon More Than Wet Sahara Mission Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) successfully discovered the existence of water on the moon, precisely in the moon's south polar region. The amount of water on the lunar surface were found in the current research is staggering, more than 50% of the expected.
The water contained in the moon's south pole comes in the form of ice mixed with other materials. The researchers said, the ice can be processed into pure water. Hl it can cost landing mission to the moon because there is need to bring water from the earth.
4. Mexico Teotihuacan Pyramids Archaeologists who examined the Teotihuacan Pyramids Mexico managed to find a 12-foot wide corridor complete with roof. With the invention of the corridor, the archaeologists hope to discover the way to the funeral of the rabbi or religious leader in the Mexico civilization.
5. Genes Cause Aging Why do some people look older faster? The geneticists found that it was caused by the act of TERC gene. The gene determines the length of telomeres, which are a kind of cap on the end of chromosomes.
Carriers of the gene will tend to experience more rapid aging because the telomeres will shorten faster. People who carry one copy of the gene, for example, will seem as old as the people 3-4 years older than him.
Research on the TERC gene were published in the Journal of Genetics,.
6. Extra Solar Planet The researchers found that there are a lot of planets outside the solar system. One is HIP 13044b planet discovered by astronomers from Indonesia, Johny Setiawan. The planet is actually an extra-solar planet yet entered into the Milky Way.
Discovery of extra solar planets other is the seventh planet orbiting the star HD 10180. Meantime, the discovery of other planets which are also riveting is Gliese 581g, an extra solar planet orbiting the star said in a distance not too PNAS or cold, such as the Earth orbits the Sun.
7. Metamaterial discovery was made ​​by Professor Martin McCall and Imperial College, London. Metamaterial is said to be "stirred" the flow of electromagnetic energy. light that passes through the metamaterial will be scattered unevenly, forming a gap between space and time.
8. The discovery of Australopithecus sediba Scientists find fossil of Australopithecus sediba, a hominid species in the Malapa, South Africa. The fossil is believed to be derived from the 2 million years ago.
The palaeontologist suspect, is related to the fossil hominid Homo erectus fossils are evolutionarily evolved into Homo sapiens or modern humans. The discovery of this species, according to scientists, could complement the data of human evolution.
9. Ununseptium Unuseptium who is temporarily named element to the 117 is a combination of calcium and berkelium isotopes created by the scientists in Dubna, Russia. The physicists say that this element may indicate "island of stability", where the heaviest element that can last for months.
10. Secret Cat Sipping Milk Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Virgiania Tech and Princeton University discovered the secret of how cats sipping milk. They found that when the cat will drink, her tongue make a shape like first letter J.
As a result of these capabilities, cats do not have to enter the entire tongue into the milk container. Form letters J lane enables the formation of milk in the tongue that moves with the liquid surface. When the cat's mouth shut, milk can be drunk without causing chin getting wet.