10 Unique Animals

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1. Sea Pig
Sea Pig closely related to sea urchins, part of Animalia. long 4 inches, has 10 tentacle-like legs that used to  walk and foraging on the ocean floor. 

Sea Pig truly unique way to select food, using the nose to taste the environment, and then get rid of the organic particles of mud and inflating by deflating tentacles, then take trapped particles in their tentacles.

2. Yeti Crab
Yeti crab discovered first in 2005 by marine biologists diSamudera Pacific. cause the fur like creatures mythical Yeti fur (legend snowfields), hence its name is same like the legend Yeti. Habitat in the Pacific sea hydrothermal vents .

3. viperfish
Viperfish is a sea life in tropical and subtropical waters. size varies , between 12 to 24 inches , live at depths of 5,000 feet 250sampai.

These fish can live up to 40 years and recorded in the Guinness worldrecord untukgigi largest compared with the size of the head of his.
4. Japanese Spider Crab
JapaneseSpider Crab (say JSC) is the largest arthropod , with Wide Leg can reach 3.6 meters. Habitat at depths of 150-800 meters south coast of the island of Honshu removableJapan . Age bias reaches 100 years . 

5. Giant Isopod
Giant Isopod sea live in very deep ( bathypelagic zone ) approximately 7020 feet below sea level . size: length can be up to 14 inches and a height of 30 inches . This Thing have organisms ability to survive without food for more than 8 Week!
6. Chinese Giant Salamander
This is the largest known existing salamander and its habit and lake River too at mountain 's in China. Salamanderini can grow up to 73 inches and live up to 80 years .

Giant Salamander is not have eyelids, so looking for eat depends on the sensor to detect vibrations .
7. Olm

Olm are blind organisms that live in caves underground water. size at 8-12 inches . How breathing quite unique, Olm not only have gills , but also the lungs (thoughrarely used during the process of breathing ). Such giant salamanders of China, Olm alsodepends on the sense of smell For survivability.
8. Giant Grenadier
Giant grenadier is the only member of the genus found in Along Albatrossia north Pacific from Japan to the Okhotsk and Bering Sea. This Fish can reach seven feet in length and live to at least 56 years old .

9. King of Herrings
This Fish - also known as the oarfish - a fish take Adventure there. Can be found in depths of 300-1000 meters , always under the sea and very rarely surface .Length of 16 feet . First discovered washed up dead on the shore of Bermuda in 1860.
1 0. Angora Rabbit
Not only cats who have this type of angora, rabbits were there. Yes, rabbits Angora, Turkey. Weighing can reach 12 pounds . Rabbi ras There are five types of Angora, including English, German, Giant, French and Satin.