10 Weird,Strange Stuff Ever Sale on eBay

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eBay is the place to sell anything in the virtual world. However, there are many strange things that are sold in stores online are.
Mashable compiled a list of 10 strange objects being sold on eBay. Curious what? These strange objects are:

1. Foot soldiers of the Civil War the U.S.
This is actually a fake. Originally just a rubber toy. Sold for U.S. $ 39.99.

2. Barack Obama toilet paper
Unique toilet paper illustrated the U.S. president's face is on sale at a price of U.S. $ 5.94 per rool

3. Ornament ducks
This duck-shaped ornament, looks like the real thing. Sold for U.S. $ 21.50.

4. Magic voodoo
Each Magic is priced at U.S. $ 8.87.

5. Jars containing fart
It's quite absurd. A jar contains air fart proceeds person. Sold quite expensive. For U.S. $ 27.52.

6. Ring with mystical power
The ring was allegedly to have magical powers. Sold for U.S. $ 165.

7. Fetal baby sharks
Perhaps scientists will enjoy it. shark fetus. Sold for U.S. $ 42.99.

8. Pants in big granny
It's very funny. Sold for U.S. $ 14.99.

9. Human
Yes, a woman who called herself "Aunt Diane 'auctioning her nephew. Opened price of U.S. $ 9.99. Crazy!

10. Haunted Doll
Seller objects claimed that the doll contains the spirit that he sold a seven year old autistic child. Doll named 'Candy' was sold for U.S. $ 24.95.