5 Songs Full Of Mystery

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1. Requiem for a tower - Clint masell
Norway massacre killing people by shooting while using a headset and hear the song ini.lagu like to give a message to the listener to kill people. Norway to kill people without feeling guilty even though many people have been killed while listening to this song.Source

2.Gloomy Sunday - Rezso seress
This song is the song used for the bridesmaid's death. but by the time Adolf Hitler's war is already lost track of circulation because destroyed. this song makes many people commit suicide. and Rezso seress also died by suicide. This original song is not there anymore. There is someone who recorded this song and after that he committed suicide. and sung this song was banned for certain countries, due to increased suicide rate.

3.Suicide Solution - Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne song creation. Ozzy is famous for its eccentric appearance and the lyric is very dangerous. In this song he made lyrics that suicide is the only way.

4.Reverse - Karl Meyer
This song used during the cold war to intimidate someone and spill the beans. This track is not recommended in successive heard up to 2 hours. because most likely make people who hear crazy

5.Umberella - Rihanna
At the time this song has not been released. tornado has hit a town. and at a top song. yet another great lightning appear in some city . in the lyrics of the song are elements of rain and lightning