7 disadvantage of Facebook Users

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Since its inception in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, the social networking site Facebook over and over again "blamed" on various issues. Starting from the destruction of marriage, obesity in children, up by Professor Peter Kelly, head of public health in Teesside, UK, revealed that Facebook plays a role in the spread of syphilis.
In addition to these three, many other effects of Facebook that bad. Here are ten adverse Facebook, which quoted from the Telegraph, and not until you experience it.

1. Triggering divorce
Lawyers blame Facebook for one in five of online divorce petitions. Sites that can bring together old friends and make the user can talk to each other through chat applications, referred to as background increased destruction of marriage and the temptation for cheating.

2. Triggering child suicide
Head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, warn that Facebook could encourage young people have the view that friendship is a commodity. It can trigger the desire to commit suicide, when the relationship does not run anymore.

3. Eliminate the traditional
The survey conducted by a market research firm in the 4,000 people under the age of 30 years, revealed that many traditional expressions that are no longer revealed as Facebook.

4. Triggering bone disorders
Facebook also often blamed for the bone disorder that occurs in children. Research in the British Medical Journal found that social networking sites and computer games, is the trigger diseases such as vitamin D deficiency as a result can make the bones brittle easy.

5. Getting people to be covered
Research from Mintel, a market research company, found more than half of adults who use social networking sites such as Facebook, to spend more time on the internet than talk to friends or other family members.

6. Creating jealous partner
The team of researchers from the University of Guelph, Canada, found that the use of Facebook increases jealous spouse. They found that the more one spends time online on social networking sites and see their partner, the very high level of suspicion.

7. cite legal challenge event
In some cases the law in the UK, Facebook, used the event to challenge the law. Parties involved case law created a group, whose name is extremely provocative and against the law.