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Let's call this category the State Mini, a 'state' that the self-proclaimed super tiny areas not bound rules of other countries. They are not widely known as other countries that do have a small area such as Singapore or the Vatican. There are several reasons a person forming the State Mini, ranging from an elaborate prank, protest media, experimental materials political or criminal purpose. There are even some that are legally recognized by its neighbors, some ridiculous, some are quite interesting. But of course all of them unique, weird, and funny.

1. Sealand
Region: 0.00055 km2
Population: 27 (2002)
Leaders: Michael Bates

Sealand is probably the country's most miniature widely known . Perhaps because the story is interesting and a lot disseminated. Sealand is located about 10 km from the coast of England. Originally strongholds in the era of World War II in 1967. Paddy Roy Bates (Knock John) inhabit this place by running a pirate radio station. He and his family later claimed Sealand as a country, to issue its own passports. Bates claimed Sealand de facto recognized by Germany and the UK.
There is an interesting incident in 1978. When Bates abroad, Alexander Achenbach claiming to be Prime Minister of Sealand, with some German and Dutch conspiracy, a coup against the region. Bates then asked for military help to reclaim Sealand, until Achenbach and his accomplice were arrested. Since Achenbach has a Sealand passport, he was arrested as traitors to the country, while his accomplice was released.

2. Republic Molossia
area: 58 km2
Population: 2-3
Leader: President Kevin Baugh

Government Molossia near Dayton, Nevada , U.S.. Consists of a piece of land owned by Kevin Baugh, the President. Including both land he purchased in the Pennsylvania and California . He was dressed as a dictator, complete with military uniform and sunglasses. He also admitted a plot area in the Pacific ocean and the planet Venus. Molossia actually pay taxes to the U.S., but they are considered 'foreign aid'.

3. Kingdom of Hutt River
Area: 75 Km2
Population: Around 20 residents and 13.000 to 18.000 citizens abroad.
leaders: His Royal Highness Prince Leonard I

The kingdom was founded by Leonard Casley in 1970. Countries Mini is formed when a large family of 5 who have plantations in the province of Hutt River in dispute with the Australian government. Families are breaking the rules of the Australian government that limits the production of wheat sold legally allowed within a certain time. When the case went to court, which is a leader 5 Casley family, declared himself as "His Royal Highness Prince Leonard I" to use an old law that says if the violate the rule a kingdom, will be punished as a traitor, and he used this law as an attempt to break away from Australia.

4. Kingdom of Other World
Region: 0.02 km2
Population: Diverse
Leaders: H er Royal Majesty Queen Patricia I

Other World kingdom comes from a resort in the Czech Republic that gained independence . Shaped matriarchy, meaning lead by a woman. In this kingdom there are castes. Starting from a peerage for pwnguasa all of which are women, the kingdom aims to collect as many men to be the lowest caste called slaves. This kingdom has a passport, currency, police, flag, and national anthem alone.

5. Waveland
Area: 784 km2
Population: 0
Leader: Greenpeace

Physically Waveland is an uninhabited volcanic rock in the middle of the ocean near the UK . Ownership contested by England, Iceland, and Denmark. In 1997, the environmental organization, Greenpeace, occupied territory and declared the country Waveland. They offer citizenship to anyone who is willing to give the oath of allegiance. This is a protest against oil drilling going on in the area. The protest lasted until 1999, until funding falters, Waveland was abandoned, leaving behind the lighthouse building to build sailors avoid this rock mountain.

6. Grand Duchy of Westarctica
Area: 1.61 million km2
Population: usually 0
Leader: Jon-Lawrence Langer, Grand Duke of Westarctica

Westarctica is a vast ice shelf in western Antarctica , not proprietary to 2001, when an American national, Travis McHenry finding loopholes in agreements between countries on Antarctica. In essence, the agreement between the state, does not allow any country to claim Antarctic territory, but did not explain any rules for 'an individual' who is having intention to claim the region. McHenry then claimed a territory in western Antarctica.

7. State Space
Region: The entire Universe except Earth
Leaders: James Thomas Mangan

In 1949, an American national, James Mangan , claiming the universe as a country. This was done in an effort to prevent the countries of the world take the property of the universe. Thomas much effort the broad sympathy, but this idea was later extinguished along with the death of the leader.