7 Sadistic Murder Case who waged By Children

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In this era Many parents are increasingly wondering if they are raising a future serial killer?
Because many incidents involving weapons in schools that led to the deaths among children. with several case would make any parent will re-evaluate their ability to get to the core issues Know their children anger. 's mother Dylan Klebold (Columbine Shooter) wrote an essay in O magazine in which he described the shock and horror at the actions of their children. He never believed his son would be able to hurt anyone else let alone to kill an innocent teen.

1. Tim Kretschmer
A teenager of 17 years went to the former high school in Winnenden, Germany on March 11, 2009 and fatalpun incident happened, he shot and killed nine students, three teachers and three bystanders before He Pull the trigger of the pistol to his own head. He is recovering from psychiatric treatment for depression when the shooting occurred. The day before the shooting occurred, Kretschmer announced plans in internet chatrooms. The value that failed him to pursue a possible trigger for these actions.

2. Jeffrey Weise 
On March 21, 2005, Jeffrey Weise (16) killed his grandfather and his grandfather's girlfriend.He went to school with her grandfather's police car where he opened fire and killed 5 students, 1 teacher and 1 security guard before firing the gun on himself. The cause of action is mainly because he frequently insulted and abused.

3. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris 
Dylan Klebold along with Eric Harris went to Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, and injured 12 classmates and one teacher trainer. 21 others were injured in the shooting, many of them injured and disabled by these events.

Harris and Klebold are individuals who feel depressed. They bullied at school where he studied. Video of the incident by both the student describes the events that took place at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999 deliberately planned for months. 
diary in the room they also illustrate dissatisfaction with life and school.

4. Kelly Ellard 
Reena Virk 14 years old are often ostracized and bullied by others at school. He often tried to be accepted by others. He smoked pot, drank alcohol and did not comply with his family to look cool.

On 14 November 1997, Virk was invited to a party near Craigflower Bridge where he consumed too much alcohol. 

While there, he was bombarded by a group of eight teenagers were harassing and taunting. 
Kelly Ellard and Warren Glowatski, two members of the youth group, began to follow Virk as she walked away. Ellard and Glowatski beat Virk and forced him to take off his shoes. 
Ellard, who was 15 years old at the time, drowned Virk until he dies.

During the trial, Ellard known for sarcasm and often fail to realize the load and anggry.She actions. After the third trial, Ellard was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2005 with the possibility of parole in 7 years.

5. Joshua Phillips 
Joshua Phillips was convicted for murdering his missing 8 year old neighbor, Maddie Clifton in 1998. Joshua Phillips was convicted of killing neighbor Maddie Clifton 8-year-old who was reported missing in 1998. His mother found the bodies plastered in bed seven days after Clifton Phillips lost. Phillips was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.He never revealed the reason why he committed the murder.

6. Eric Smith 
Eric Smith 13 years old convicted stuffed the battery and hit a 4 year old child to death in 1994. He went on to act sodomipada boy was 4 years old with a stick and he laid great stones broke up.Smith sentenced her little body at least 9 years in prison for second degree murder. 
He's still in jail and a bail application for his free 5 times rejected. Ridicule is used as an excuse for barbaric behavior Smith.

7. Lionel Tate 
12-year-old boy was admitted imitating a wrestling move when he beat to death a 6-year-old girl in 1999.

He also claimed that he had locked the girl's head before it smashed it on the table.Although students are brilliant, Tate is known for temperamental behavior and often steals and 15 times he had been suspended from school. 

He was sentenced to life in prison in 2001 for first degree murder. When the case be re-examined in 2004, he believed that Free out. Defense of mental competency test must be done before the hearing. He is now 10 years on probation and wearing an ankle monitor.