The Unique Bathroom at 15 Level Hallway Elevator (I don't wanna take a pee there)

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The bathroom of an apartment in Mexico was
built on an elevator at a 15-level hallway unused
and has a transparent floor.

Are you afraid of heights? So do not try this one bathroom. A bathroom apartment in Mexico, considered one of the most terrible in the world. How could I not? The bathroom is built on top of the elevator hall at a 15 level unused. Section bathroom floor is made ​​of glass. 

So that users can immediately see the depth of the elevator hallway beneath his feet. these unique bathroom disesain by an architect named Hernandez Silva Arquitectos. "The concept of this apartment is the transparency and simplicity of the material," said Hernandez. room is one part of a luxury apartment in the area of Guadalajara, Mexico. The apartment building was built on colonial Mexico in the 1970's.