Matchstick-High Tower in the World (Tofic Daher)

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This framework designed of matchsticks highest possible on the planet, with a dimension 6 actions 53 cm, which is designed from Lebanon crafters, Tofic Daher.

Eiffel Structure out of matchsticks Broownkus
Building a design of the Eiffel Structure made ​​out of about 6 thousand
matchsticks on 11 Nov 2009. Artisans on a regular base using a motorized wheel chair invested 2316 hours and cost U.S. $ 11,000 to buy 6 thousand matchsticks, 6240 small lighting and 23 highlights. Tofic success defeating the past world history, which uses a design developing Big Ben 3.98 measures high and needs 1.25 thousand matchsticks