6 Things That Deplete Confidence Of A Man

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Men are often seen as being superior when compared with women. But that does not mean they are not sensitive and emotional, especially when it comes to confidence. ego is very fragile man can easily hurt, even more fragile than women. Numerous studies quoted from My Self Development shows, men were more difficult to foster confidence-if it is tainted-than women. These six things he can eliminate him confidence quickly.

1. Financial Matters 
Not having enough money is a major factor causing distrust in men. For a long time, the man regarded as the backbone of the family. Therefore, he is confident of a good response from the family of his wife or girlfriend, if you earn enough or more. Men also feel valued when saving enough money in your wallet or bank account.
2. Couple Too Dominant 
Domination is a word that is quite attached to the figure of a man. From the first, he was 'destined' to be more powerful and be master. If he is dating a woman who is too dominant in a relationship, it could erase their confidence. Because it can be made ​​to look weak in front of his friends and others.
3. Rejected 
Rejection here are not always in the approach. But it could also rejection of her lover's parents against their relationship, or the unfriendly attitude of the woman's family. Courtship which built up quite a long time, but had to drop out in the middle of the road can leave permanent scars on the man's ego and destroy confidence.
4. Betrayed 
It took a long time for him to commit to a relationship or marriage. When commitment was destroyed because she was having an affair, in addition to the broken-hearted, self-confidence is also torn. Because he could not be considered a pretty good lover, so her partner turned to another man. Will not take long for him to foster self-esteem and start another love story.
5. Problems at Work / School 
Most men want to be appreciated, including while at work / school. Problems at work will make it feel like a person who is less capable of doing a good job. Therefore, many men are reluctant to talk about work / school to their partner.
6. Criticized in Public Places
Most men want to look like a leader while walking with his girlfriend in public. So when her boyfriend criticize or make jokes that disfigure herself in front of others, she will feel insulted and his confidence will fade.