4 Dirtiest Getaways

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A world travel website says there are few cities in the world that has the worst reputation, but remains one of the tourist destinations. What is it?

As quoted from the Courier Mail, Venice, Italy following some of the most squalid cities of the world:

Venice, Italy
The city does have a reputation as a beautiful and romantic city. But you should not visit Venice in the summer months. In that period, sanitary systems or pump waste cleaners were doing routine tasks. Ie remove all dirt directly into the canal. In hot weather, the smell of 'strange' that will sting sharper smell.

St Helen Auckland, Durham
St Helen Auckland, may not be a proper holiday destination if all you need is fresh air. Most of the local farm produce onions, so even this small village smelled like onions already rancid.

Some tourists who've been here warned, there are times when they can not leave the house, do not even dare to open the windows because the smell was overpowering and offensive.

Cote-d'Or, France
The area in the south of France is often smell less pleasant because it is the smell of cheese production centers in the world. The name of the cheese is Epoisses de Bourgogne.It smelled really bad, so the foods one is forbidden to carry in public transport.

Cancun, Mexico
Cancun famous among foreign tourists for its beautiful beaches and party atmosphere is strong. But not only that, Cancun is also popular because the smell is not good.

That said, the stench that often wafted coastal city located in the southern part of Mexico is derived from underground sewer in area hotels