5 Most Wierd Amusement Park EVER

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Everyone loves amusement parks. Can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people with different interests, to walk around enjoying the atmosphere, join or participate in a variety of rides offered therein, the amusement park is a fun place for everyone. But be careful when you ask your kids to the amusement park that you do not know, in some corner of the city and the country, have a theme amusement park is quite strange, even scary enough for a group of children.
1. Love Land (Garden of Love)
It is an amusement park in Korea. It has more than 140 sculptures depicting different sexual positions. This park is a honeymoon destination which is quite famous. With carvings and sculptures are informative, amusement park aims to provide sex education for visitors.
2. Dickens World (World Dickens)
This amusement park is located in the UK that builds on all the work of Charles Dickens are unique and controversial.
3. Bon Bon Land (World Bon Bon)
This amusement park is located in Denmark, focusing on vomit and dog poop. The characters are displayed in a variety of rides at the park depict characters who are drunk and feel the need to vomit. There are even signs reading "pervert" to show the toilet that has a character of breasts and buttocks exposed. Voices that decorate playground even this is quite unique, from the sound of vomiting, farting, etc..
4. Hershey Park (Hershey Park)
As the name implies, this amusement park founded by the Hershey chocolate manufacturer. Located in Pennsylvania, the park has 60 rides and a petting zoo play itself.The characters that appear tailored to the Hershey chocolate products, such as Hershey Kisses, Hershey Bar, and the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.
5. Haw Par Villa
The park is located in Singapore. It is a park of Chinese mythology. Have more than a thousand statues and it has 150 dioramas that tell you all about the different folklore, legends and history throughout China.