Better Sit or Squat Toilet?

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The war between the toilet seat and squat imperceptibly continued. Many articles lately claiming toilet seat better. In appearance and cleanliness of toilets, may be true. But is it good for health?

Actually, the selection of the toilet seat or squat depending on the tastes and habits. It all passed in their respective cultures. Despite the fact, the toilet seat was introduced to the people of Asia (especially Indonesia) as a modern civilization which refers to the western mindset. Our own society always more familiar with the model "shitting" while squatting.Later, the proliferation of the toilet seat the lifestyle of the people, especially the urban changes. Starting homes to offices, and public places are using the toilet seat. Except maybe a public toilet in a small terminal that still survive with a squat toilet. Why? The most obvious reason, the issue price and maintenance.

 It's cheaper to make the installation of a squat toilet. Was it just because it's cheaper?  In a study published in the journal Digestive Diseases and Sciences, Dr. Dov Sikirov exposing a sitting or squatting during bowel movements affect much on comfort in the bathroom. he instructed a number of respondents to attempt a bowel movement in three different positions. There is a bowel movement on the toilet seat 16 inches tall, sitting on the toilet 12 inches tall and squat over a plastic container. Each respondent was also asked to record the time they defecate and what is measured in a four-point scale of difficulty.Source

The study shows, when someone squatting position, it takes 51 seconds to move the stomach. While sitting on the toilet when the position is higher, people need 130 seconds to move the stomach. In addition, people who defecate squatting more comfortable and easier. study conducted by Japanese researchers. They studied the fluid that is released from the rectum either in a sitting or squatting position. From the X-ray video recordings revealed, anorectal angle formed starting from the rectum increased from 100 to 126 degrees when respondents moved position from sitting to squatting. 

Researchers studied the possibility of a reduction in the desire to push while squatting. Straining during bowel movements closely associated with the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids occur when veins in the anal swelling, while the pressure when pushing will cause the blood vessels dilate. Hemorrhoids can be caused by straining during bowel movements, constipation, sitting for long periods, rectal infections, or diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver. 

This disease can occur internally and external. Symptoms such as itching in the rectum, pain and tenderness around the anus, there was red blood in the stool, pain during bowel movements and appear hard lump around the anus. So, based on a number of research studies it can be concluded that using squat toilets are relatively more beneficial in terms of health because it can facilitate the process of disposal.

Forms of squat toilets also actually healthier. Author never raised this at a media several months ago. Squat toilet has a goose neck in the discharge hole (hole shaped curve to the right and to the left of the inside). It is not directly blocking microbes and bacteria out of the stool as a form of "goose neck" was. 

Somewhat surprising. writers often dwell in the world of literature talked about this. At least he was reminded about the ideological war West and East are also targeting the problem shitting. All the modern things that smell good for review, but that does not mean blindly approved. Not necessarily the traditional and "outdated" is no better. 

however all passed away in each of us. More comfortable toilet seat or squat, just select.