10 States With the Most Crazy Steal Technique in the World

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1. Spain, Barcelona
Barcelona is the first order of tourists in Spain! Besides a number of sights also have a lot of pickpockets for each attraction. If pickpocketing competed Olympics, Barcelona would have won gold?
If you ignore pickpocketing, Barcelona is a relatively safe place. The Spanish are not very fond of liquor, they prefer to smoke marijuana - and it makes people sleepy and friendly. 
When walking down the street of the famous La Rambla, you should wear a backpack in front. Pickpockets work teams - one person distracting you and another to open the bag or dug through your pocket. They did not hesitate to use scissors or a razor blade in order to take your goods.
Techniques used:
A friendly locals realize that your clothes are dirty and offered to give you a towel so you can clean yourself. That actually happened was a friend of the person who is offering the towel in a spill something on you to get your attention. After receiving a towel and started cleaning up, your mind busy and makes it easier to check a bag or your pocket.
2. Italy, Rome
Pickpocket is a growing problem in Italy. Besides Florence (number 6), Rome was the most crowded by tourists. But it's not just that - Roma also a haven for pickpockets.Pencopetnya not locals - they were poor immigrants who are looking for a way to survive.
problem pickpocketing, especially in public transport. Buses in the city number 64 is also known as "the wallet express" - the best way to dispose of your money.
Techniques used:
A young gypsy girl or a woman approaches you and then pretend to stumble and accidentally dropped her baby - hardly seen him throw a baby into your hands. You'll catch it to prevent it from falling and then hold the goods you will fall out of your hands. His friend quickly took anything that falls from your hands, and immediately ran away. Once you realize that if you help the baby was a doll.
3. Czech Republic, Prague
Czech Republic - the cheap beer and party all night!!! The capital of Prague known popularity among British men who want to enjoy the weekend but also not the point if you are drunk and separated from your teman2.
Techniques used:
The young woman looked at you in the street, when you reply to see, you've stolen by a friend wantita it.
4. Spain, Madrid
Spain is another European tourist destination that is always filled with tourists. Besides Barcelona who occupy the highest position in our list, the capital city of Madrid overrun with pickpockets. If you're walking into a bullfight you better be careful - what seems like most people can be a crowd full of people hungry for your wallet!
Techniques used:
Someone with a camera approaches you and asks for help photographing them. You'll put your bag for a moment to take a picture - at the same time one of the rear bag snatch and run.
5. France, Paris
France and Paris with the Eiffel Tower gracefully is one the world's best tourist places.People from all over the world come and try the famous French cuisine and meet the friendly locals. When turned out - kadang2 too friendly!
Techniques used:
handsome young man walking around trying to find a tourist woman to give them a red rose as a gift. It will make her happy and did not suspect, and he'll be an easy target for pickpockets who allied with the handsome young man who handed flowers. If the thief does not find it worthwhile they may ask for money in exchange for interest.
6. Italy, Florence
The country is facing major trouble with pickpockets. When orang2 lost their jobs during the economic crisis more and more people are making pecopetan as their livelihood.
Techniques used:
When you're looking around at local stores, you will focus all your attention towards items in the store. A pickpocket saw it and gently open your purse or wallet to check the contents.
7. Argentina, Buones Aires
Buenos Aires is one of the popular tourist destinations in Latin America, but also a surge for pickpockets. Hati2 with anak2 hordes who follow tourists and also with classic style, Hit and Run!!!
Techniques used:
A bunch of kids approached you with an existing paper or card writing. The leader will make you read under the chin and focus while reading, others pilfer barang2 anak2 you.
8. The Netherlands, Amsterdam
Night life in Amsterdam, marijuana is legal and prostitution with countless women are all terrific but just along while you still have the money to pay for all of it! Pickpockets take advantage in Amsterdam's red-light district "No Camera policy". Nobody should take pictures in this area - this means no surveillance cameras that could help you fight crime.
Techniques used:
Someone pushes you from behind or from the side and looks like he just wanted to pass you on a crowded street. Actually there are others in the opposite direction and stuff your purse snatching.
9. Greece, Athens
Greece and the capital city of Athens is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. In addition to a growing tourist sector, also increasing. If you're visiting the Parthenon or the Acropolis - make sure you never neglect your bag when you're admiring ancient monuments. Someone who looks like a tourist can be a pickpocket who preyed on your bag.
Techniques used:
A Gypsy children swarming you and without hesitation began to rob your stuff. Courage will make you surprised, at the same time kid stuff you pass each other and ran in different directions. Wallet, cell phone and your camera is likely to split into different directions. Sometimes kids will deliver your belongings to the old woman and hide under their skirts. The police will not look under her skirt!
10. Vietnam, Hanoi
For most Vietnamese people are known by the Vietnam War that happened 40 years ago but now also become a popular tourist attraction. As one of the poorest countries in the world with the Vietnam capital Hanoi, is home pickpockets are increasing. Most of the tourist attractions in Hanoi is located in the open and crowded therefore very easy prey for pickpockets.
Techniques used:
How to force. A thief can use to steal a motorbike your handbag. Ensure that your hand luggage is not too easy to be seized. We recommend that you carry your bag on the side of fewer people and vehicles.