10 world's most expensive gifts

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Love has made ​​the world continues to turn; love also makes you give the most extravagant gift to someone you love, this could be your spouse, your friends, your children or the elderly. People tend to spend more to buy gifts for their loved ones. History is witness to this fact. Here is a list of the most expensive gift in the world, from the  most expensive  up to the most expensive.

10. Victoria Beckham bag 
David Beckham has given gifts  Victoria Beckham  bag bertahtakan a rare diamond that only three made ​​in a year. Himalayan Silver, a reference to this handbag, it is a Christmas gift from David Beckham for wife tercinta.Tas made ​​of fine white crocodile skin and has 3 carat diamond on the lock. Victoria Beckham have made ​​some designer handbag gift talented husband, a total value of more than USD $ 3 million.
Price: 1 bag Beckham around USD $ 129,000, / Rp. 1.16 Billion

9. Ring from fiance Beth Ostrosky Howard Stern 

Sirius radio Howard Stern Stern plan Hobby 05.02 carat emerald engagement ring from which he gave to his girlfriend Beth Ostrosky on Valentine's Day 2007. The couple married on October 3, 2008. Rings Ostrosky  recently being ranked the second in the list of biggest celebrity engagement rings, with the position taken by the number one sparkling six-carat ring Rebecca Romijn gifted by actor Jerry O'Connell.
Price: This ring is worth more than $ 250,000.

8. Gift from King Abdullah to Obama 
Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah  making a show of cooperation and elegansi with award worth USD 300,000 for U.S. President Barack Obama, in the form prhiasan rare books and other items, for the first year kepresidenan.Ini princely gift beyond the normal bounds of decency. It is considered as the most expensive gift given by one authority to the other Authority in the present times.
Among this generous gift is a set of luxury jewels worth U.S. $ 190,000, which includes stone Ruby and diamond jewelery, worth USD 132,000 apart.
other gifts from the King Abdullah is a marble ornament adorned with miniature palm trees and camels from gold, diamond earrings for the daughter of the President worth $ 7000 each, and Jaeger-LeCoultre brass clock.
Price: The total value of all gifts from King Abdullah to President Obama, Obama's wife and two daughters is more than $ 300,000 dollars.

7. Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty that stands as a beacon welcoming by the New York commemorates the friendship between France and Amerika.Dirancang by leading designer Bartholdi, the Statue of Liberty as high as 151 meters, and standing for freedom, justice and kebebasan.Patung the gift to the United States from the people Perancis.Angka This is Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom race bearing a torch and a stone tablet depicting the American Declaration of Independence written. A broken chain lies at her feet, indicating fragmentation chain bondage and subjugation.
Price: U.S. $ 530,300 development fee. Base cost around $ 280,000, most of which was contributed by the American public.

6. Taylor-Burton gem
Elizabeth Taylor is given a lot of expensive gifts by a former husband Richard Burton.Namun, in 1972, Burton received a gift bag of the 40th anniversary of the gift beyond all others. Diamond pear-shaped 69.42 carat rough stone that comes from that found in South Africa. Appreciate Cartier diamond jewelry is of USD $ 1,050,000. Diamond "Taylor-Burton" was displayed by Cartier in New York and Chicago even after it is sold to Burton.Elizabeth Taylor auction diamond that costs USD 5 million in 1978. The value of diamonds is now unknown.
Price: Diamond Burton Taylor more than USD 5 million $.

5. Ring Beyonce Knowles

Singer Beyonce Knowles received a stunning diamond 18-carat flawless placed in platinum, currently worth more than $ 5 juta.Dirancang by Lorraine Schwartz, the ring is one of the types that have been insured for the same amount sama.Perancang created plans for Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez. But Beyonce, also has a take-off at the price of $ 5,000 ring that he wore in public, for safety.
Price:  Rapper Jay-Z  to pay 5 million dollars USD for-18 carat diamond for his wife Beyonce 

4. Statue of Roman Abramovich
One of the richest people in the world,  Roman Abramovich  to pay about $ 14 million on a statue in bronze for this pacarnya.patung made ​​by Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti and called "Femme de Venise". In addition, the  billionaire  also has spent $ 60 million a month to buy  artworks  expensive for other pacarnya.hadiah The expensive but not least including villas in Colorado and two paintings by  Lucian Freud  and Francis Bacon  for $ 120 million.
Price: The cost statues around $ 14 million.

3. Orlov diamond 
Russian empress Catherine the Queen gave lavish gifts on  Count Grigory Orlov , a commander militer.Dia presented 800 boys, develop a magnificent palace for him, and he states Gatchina near St. Petersburg are also presented therein. In return, Count provides a substantially unique diamond dove egg half, in 1798. Named Orlov diamond and put in a rod.Orlov considered priceless,. Orlov Diamond  weighs 198.62 carats and blue-green.
Orlov diamond price 400,000 Russian Ruble in 1798, but somehow at this time

2. Kohinoor Gem
Originally found in Andhra Pradesh in India a few centuries ago, Kohinoor is considered as the largest diamond ever ditemukan.Seiring time, this diamond literally owned the reigning king of India, before finally falling to the beat Inggris.Inggris Dhulip Maharajah Singh from Punjab, a descendant of the king Ranjit Singh and claiming great Kohinoor in war. However, later arranged that the diamond should be given to the Superintendent of British monarchy, Queen Elizabeth , by the Maharajah Dhulip Singh himself. That actually is the result of conquest, but of history writing as a gift.
Today, the once 186 1/16 carat diamond is less than half its original size. At one point, the Kohinoor diamond appreciate the equivalent to half the cost of keeping the world in a day.
Price:  Due to the monetary value of the Kohinoor diamond was never documented until today, we have no clear indication to determine the price. Diamonds are considered priceless.
However, Reincarnation Kohinoor diamond is the most important part of the crown jewels of British government authorities, the total current value is between 10 billion pounds up to 12.7 Billion
Because Kohinoor is the main focal point of this collection, the value of the diamond itself must be in the billions of pounds.

1. Taj Mahal
Beautiful Taj Mahal  has been said for centuries as the embodiment of eternal true love.
Amazing structure built entirely of white marble and is a fantastic view when seen under the light bulan.Dibangun by Emperor Shah Jahan to celebrate his love for beloved wife Mumtaz  , the Taj Mahal is mute evidence proving a person to slavery and cintanya.Mumtaz Mahal, a Persian princess is one of true love  Emperor Shah Jahan . He died when he was 39 years of age when giving birth to-14. Then crush the hearts of his death the emperor, who develop this monument, a mausoleum more beautiful than ever before, to honor his final wish.
Construction began in 1632 and took 22 years, 20,000 workers and craftsmen to complete this mammoth tomb.
Price: The total cost to build this great monument is estimated around 32 million rupee India at that time (1653)