10 Most Amazing Treasure Locations in World

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10. Yamashita Treasure, Philipines
Yamashita treasure, is the property looted by Japanese forces during World War II, this location is in a Bay in Philipina, Many believe there will be this place of his property, but since the fields have changed, the more difficult this property sought

9. VOC Treasure, Indonesia
VOC mysterious treasure Onrust Island was invited so many people curious. because supposedly he said, the amount of property could pay off all the debt of Indonesia.
Onrust Island is located in the bay of Jakarta. 3 hours from Muara Karang using motor boats, this place was fashioned Dutch first after one busy place, where the entry of the ship after colonizing the other two cities in Indonesia. Mythical treasure on the island Onrust the VOCs from historical peculiarities, how an institution as large and as strong VOC trading sharply suddenly bankrupt. 

8. Treasure of Lima, Peru
In the year 1820, in Lima (capital of Peru) is the revolutionary war occur. As a precaution, the government of Lima decided for tsb transfer of wealth to Mexico, so peaceful. Tsb property covers batu2 precious gems, 2 place and two wax statues of Jesus Maria was holding size of a human. Overall, property worth U $ 60 million tsb divided over 11 ships and dikomandani by Captain William Thompson, yg menahkodai ship Mary Dear. But unfortunately the government of Lima darkness that William Thompson is a former robber its true. The same property is already boarded the ship, he immediately kills self Peruvian orang2 tsb protected property and threw his body into the sea.
Thompson ran tsb property to Cocos Islands, in the Indian Ocean, and to bury it. Then his accomplice scatter and hide until the situation felt peaceful means to take back property yg Mk grave. But the ship Mary Dear finally caught. All the conspirators were suspended on charges of robbery, except William Thompson and his trusted men. The two men agreed to show location tsb concealment tsb property. Mark brings orang2 tsb to Cocos Islands, but in the middle of the road Mk fled to the forest. Until sekrg tsb inconspicuous treasure ever diketemukan again.
since then has more than 300 expeditions organized search, but failed. Lately orang2 suspect that property is actually ill-concealed tsb Cocos Islands, but in an unknown island in Central America. 

7. The Ark of The Convenant (Ark of the Covenant), Jerusalem
Ark of the covenant in the Bible is a container made ​​of gold that reads "10th Commandment" besides the rod of Moses supposedly he was also in the box.
photograph is only a replica.

6. Pharaohs' Missing Treasure, Egypt
1922 yr when Howard Carter found Tutankhamen meal Valley of the Kings (Valley of the Kings), Egypt, he was fascinated by the grandeur of the tomb artefak2 yg There was a young king tsb.
Around eat tsb there are numerous gems and artefak2 batu2. Buat yg msh pada abundance, sampai2 Carter takes 10 years for making a catalog.
Yet, when Pharaoh makam2 other excavations in the late 19th century discovered the fact that in high tsb makam2 empty.
Almost everyone knows that the robbers sdh tomb (to mention self orang2 theft of property in the tomb) has been in action for centuries ago. But when Mark reached steal the treasure exhausted Fir-ounce establishment, it was very overwhelming. Further questions: where the Pharaoh's treasure hidden tsb? Some experts believe that tsb property actually taken by the ministers deliberate self dynasties do entombment on Egyptian Rulers yg to 20 and to 21 (yr 425-343 BC) in the Valley of the Kings.
Pharaoh-Pharaoh at that time were supposed to does not prohibit the taking of property for sky ancestral shrine used Mark for Mark's funeral back in time.
One of the aforenamed Bigwigs time Herihor be an example. Herihor is a high court officer in the days of Ramses XI. At the time of Ramses died, Herihor tsb government seize power then split into two with the law, Piankh. Herihor then put his obsequies Set as custodians of the Valley of the Kings, SHG have much chance for him rob the tomb of former kings.Herihor own tomb until sekrg not be found. However, experts believe that when the mysterious disappearance of a property in the tomb of the Pharaoh will it opened in line with daylight-berjalan.source
Illustration ..

5. Montezuma's Treasure, Mexico
Massacre on the Aztecs Mexico tribe vicarious by Spanish orang2 concern in tgl 1 July 1520. Setlh kill the Emperor Montezuma, Hernando Corts and his team besieged by Aztec knight cat, in the capital Tenochtitln. After a fierce battle for a few days, Corts ordered his team for collecting the most valuable self Montezuma property and brought blurred. But not so far Mk escape, the team successfully chased Aztec and Spanish teams finish up at the lake Tezcuco. Waste yg team left immediately remove the spoils directly Mk then blurred.A year later Corts came again with his team for taking back property confiscated yg first failed Mk. But residents Tenochtitln tsb hid treasure, SHG pile of gold, jewels and precious stones various tsb. diketemukan never again until now. Sekrg reach the treasure seekers still busy looking for relics of the Aztec tribe tsb around town sekrg Tenochtitln self has been renamed Mexico City.

4. King Solomon's Treasure, Jerusalem
Artifact artifact sacred looted by the Romans from the Temple of Jerusalem and suspected hidden kubah2 at the Vatican, Artifact is considered to be a treasure trove of the greatest Bible like silver trumpets that would mark the coming of the Messiah, trumpets, candle gold etc..
Having a decade, archaeologist Dr Kensley has merekontruksikan treasure route for the first time, adding that the property had been leaving the Romans in the 5th century to Kartago, Constantinople and Algeria before finally purposes in the wilderness of Judea source

3. Blackbeard's Treasure, caribbean island Robbers renown, Black Beard the alias Blackbeard, in fact only two years melanglang buana (1716-1718). But during that time he has accumulated a lot of supposedly once booty. When Spanish SDG busy looking for gold and silver in Mexico and South America, Blackbeard and his accomplice waited patiently and then robbed ships carrying gold and silver etc. in seconds Mk return to Spain.

Blackbeard well-reputed smart ruthless robbers take advantage. Regional operations is in the vicinity of the West Indies and the coast of Atlantis in North America, with its main headquarters in the Bahamas and North Carolina. Lifetime expired in November 1718, when British Lieutenant Robert Maynard successfully caught and hanged. But jarahannya property was not found to sekrg.
was supposed to, drowning ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, they are found near the pd thn 1996 Beaufort, North Carolina. But the ship tsb diketemukan inconspicuous treasure. Many people believe that Black Beard the treasure is hidden in the Caribbean Islands, Chesapeake Bay, and in the caves of yg There was a in the Cayman Islands.

2. The Lost City - Atlantis (Coordinates: 31 15'15 .53 N 24 15'30 .53 W.) POSITION connection Ocean Goggles from Google Earth has found that normal human beings can not find that is the Lost City, Atlantis. The town is about 620 miles off the coast of northwest Africa, Joram the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.
According to the Greek philosopher, a highly developed city of Atlantis was an island about 9,000 years ago. Its territory covers an area of Asia until Libya, with luxurious palaces, abundant gold and silver, and is a land and its climate the best in the World. But then, Plato wrote, Atlantis was defeated in war by other tribes. And the city had been destroyed.

1. The Amber Room, Russian Described as the eighth wonder of the world by self orang2 never seen. Amber Room mrpk most unique treasures throughout history.

Representing a space measuring 11 square feet, consisting of large wall panel2 several tons of stone encrusted Amber rara avis, a large cermin2 antecedent foliage sisi2nya There was a well-made of gold, as well as four Mozaic beautiful Florentine weirdo. Structured in three floors, inlaid tsb space permata2 ditch priceless. In which he kept a large collection of art objects made ​​in Prussia and Russia after one precious.
Created by King Friedrich I of Prussia granted for KPD. Russian Czar Peter the Great in 1716 pd. Amber hall located in Katherine Castle, near St. Petersburg. Current value of this column probably more than U.S. $ 142 million (more than USD 1.5 trillion).
When Hitler with his Nazi invaded Russia, guardian column Amber worries. Mark tried for transfer, but dinding2nya from mangled SHG dinding2 tsb transfer impossible. Mark finally cover it with wallpaper.
efforts failed for hiding tsb Amber Room. When the Nazis devastated Leningrad (now called St.. Petersburg) in October 1941, the Mk grab it and move it to Königsberg Castle during wartime.
During Königsberg surrendered in April 1945, the Amber Room disappeared, and until sekrg diketemukan never return. What was destroyed by Soviet bombs themselves? What is hidden in one of the overground bunker outside the city? Neither knows tsb sure about the fate of space.
currently have created a replica of the Amber Room, is made ​​by very careful, in Catherine Palace.